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Industrial Affiliates Symposium 2013
Industrial Affiliates Symposium
March 8, 2013
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Featured this year - Short Courses
March 7, 2013 / 1-4:00 PM
  • Lasers in Manufacturing - Aravinda Kar
    This short course is an introduction to laser techniques for advanced manufacturing based on interdisciplinary concepts. Four areas will be discussed in this course: 1) Basic properties and types of lasers for manufacturing. 2) Laser beam focusing and shaping. 3) Laser-material interactions, and optical and thermophysical properties. 4) Examples of laser-advanced manufacturing such as optical trepanning for drilling and laser doping of compound semiconductors for novel sensors and detectors.
  • Applications of Plasmonics & Metamaterials - Pieter Kik
    The unique optical properties of metal nanostructures have led to ultrasensitive biochemical sensors, nanoscale light sources, bio-compatible optical markers, and many more thanks in large part to plasmon resonances. This course covers fundamental aspects of plasmonic structures, and how these have enabled new technologies. Topics include biosensing using surface enhanced Raman scattering, refractive index based plasmonic sensors, metamaterial based perfect absorbers, metamaterial based polarization optics, and plasmonic nanolasers.
  • Biomedical Imaging - Bahaa Saleh
    This short course is an introduction to optical techniques for extracting spatial and spectral information on biological tissues, cells, and molecules. The course will cover four areas of biomedical imaging: 1) Laser scanning fluorescence techniques, including confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, and super-resolution techniques. 2) Interferometric techniques for axial imaging such as optical coherence tomography. 3) Tomographic techniques for 3D imaging such as optical diffraction tomography and diffuse optical tomography. 4) Spectral imaging techniques, with examples including oximetry for imaging of brain activity.
  • Organic & Polymeric Optical Materials - Stephen Kuebler
    Organic photonics is a dynamic field that arcs across many established and emerging technologies, including bioimaging, organic photovoltaics, liquid crystal displays, and nonlinear optical materials. In this short course we will review the fundamental concepts that link organic molecular and polymeric structure with their optical properties and performance. The discussion will draw upon concepts from chemistry, physics, materials science, and optics, making connections to contemporary applications.
Industrial Affiliates Symposium 2013
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