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Industrial Affiliates Program Funds

Donations to our Affiliate Program will enhance the educational and research environment at CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics in many ways. In addition to the current benefits of membership, we expect to offer to our Affiliates in the future an increasing number of programs and benefits at CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics, on the Web, and through other media. These will include:

  • Web-based information and training programs.
  • Workshops on topics of specific interests to sections of our Affiliates.
  • Special short-term industrial internships for technical training.
  • Student ambassadorships to Industrial Affiliates and national facilities.
  • Special educational programs for Affiliates.
  • Scholarships and travel grants for students.

For further information please contact:

Dr. M.J. Soileau at
or download a Membership Application
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