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Industrial Affiliate Seminars - Guidelines for a successful presentation

Seminars are a good way to reach many potential customers and employees at CREOL as well as others at UCF, and one “product review” each year is one of the benefits of Affiliates membership. In general, the guidance is to make the seminar as technical as possible, while still telling the audience about your company and its products and services. To maximize attendance and the positive impact on the audience, please consider the following guidelines for your presentation.

Presentation length
  • Length. The ideal length is ~ 1 hour including time for questions. Students and faculty are busy, so a longer seminar could lead to low attendance. If a longer session is needed, consider splitting it up into a 45-60 minute session for a ‘general audience’, and a longer session, or meetings with specific research groups, for those interested.
  • Try to hold the seminar on a Friday in the early to middle of the Semester. Other days could conflict with classes, and late in the semester students are busy preparing for exams.
  • The ideal time of day is usually 11am – noon for a 1 hour presentation, particularly if you would want to provide a simple lunch for the attendees after your presentation to help maximize attendance at the seminar.
  • Avoid presenting at CREOL during major optics conferences since CREOL students and faculty attend most of such conferences.
  • Please provide a ~1/2 page abstract and an appealing title well in advance. This will go up on the CREOL website, and will be sent out by email to both a wide campus audience as well as others in the CREOL database approximately one week before the seminar.
  • Make sure the abstract highlights the most enticing parts of the talk: what will they learn, what are the latest developments. See ‘content’ section below.
  • Students and faculty are not as attracted to product demonstrations alone, or to a presentation that comes across as just a “sales pitch”. If your product uses a fundamental optical technique or new technology, explain that technique or technology and how it is incorporated into the unique features of your product(s).
  • If your products enable exciting science or specific applications, highlight a few examples. Because of the strong research work at CREOL and at other UCF colleges, showing examples of recent research that make use of your products will be of interest.
  • Our students are potential future employees of your company. Consider briefly introducing the company (location, size, work environment, etc.). If there was an interesting design or engineering process that enabled your state-of-the-art products, highlight that process and perhaps the engineers behind the work.

For any questions, requests, or assistance in planning your presentation, please contact:

Ms. Denise Whiteside, Asst. to the Dean
Phone: 407-823-6834
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