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Sara Bakhshi

CREOL Alum: Sara Bakhshi

2016 MS in Electrical Engineering, advisor: Winston V. Schoenfeld
2012 M.S in Electrical Engineering at University of South Florida
2011 M.S. in Electronic Engineering at Tarbiat Modares University
2006 B.S. in Electronic Engineering at Islamic Azad University (Central Branch)

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
2015 - 2015: Graduate Student, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
2014 - 2015: PhD student, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
F. Alema, B. Hertog, O.  Ledyaev, D. Volovik, G. Thoma, R. Miller, A. Osinsky, P. Mukhopadhyay, S. Bakhshi, H. Ali, W.V. Schoenfeld
"Solar blind photodetector based on epitaxial zinc doped Ga2O3 thin film"
Physica Status Solidi A-Applications and Materials Science, 214(5), 1600688
F. Alema, B. Hertog, O. Ledyaev, D. Volovik, R. Miller, A. Osinsky, S. Bakhshi, and W.V. Schoenfeld
"High responsivity solar blind photodetector based on high Mg content MgZnO film grown via pulsed metal organic chemical vapor deposition"
Sensors And Actuators A-Physical, 249, pp.263-268
P. Aleahmad, S. Bakhshi, D.N. Christodoulides, P. LiKamWa
"Controllable red and blue shifting of InGaAsP quantum well bandgap energy for photonic device integration"
Materials Research Express, 2(8), pp.086302
A. Takshi , H. Yaghoubi, T. Tevi, S. Bakhshi
"Photoactive supercapacitors for solar energy harvesting and storage"
Journal of Power Sources 275, pp.621-626
S. Collins, S. Vatavu, V. Evani, M. Khan, S. Bakhshi, V. Palekis, C. Rotaru, C. Ferekides
"Radiative recombination mechanisms in CdTe thin films deposited by elemental vapor transport"
Thin Solid Films, 582, pp.139-145
M. , V. Evani, S. Collinsl, V. Palekisl, P. Banel, S. Bakhshil, V. Kendrel, S. Vatavu, D. Morell and C. Ferekides
"Stoichiometric Effects in Polycrystalline CdTe"
IEEE, 40th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
S.Bakhshi, S. Collins, C. Ferekides and A. Takshi
"Study the effect of TiO2 annealing and TiCl4 treatment on the performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"
IEEE, 39th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
S.Bakhshi, M. K. Moravvej-Farshi and M.Ebnali-Heidari
"Design of Ultra-Compact Low Power All-Optical Modulator by means of Dispersion Engineered Slow Light regime in Photonic Crystal Mach-Zehnder"
Appl.Opt., vol. 51, no.14, pp 2687-2692
S.Bakhshi, M. K. Moravvej-Farshi and M.Ebnali-Heidari
"Ultra-Compact All-Optical Modulator Based On Nonlinear Phase Sensitivity Induced By Slow Light Enhancement In Dispersion Engineered Photonic Crystals"
SPIE Vol. 8434, 843418
S. Bakhshi, M. K. Moravvej-Farshi and M. Ebnali-Heidari
"Proposal for enhancing the transmission efficiency of photonic crystal 60° waveguide bends by means of optofluidic infiltration"
Appl.Opt., vol. 50, no.21, pp 4048-4053
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