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Jose Rafael Guzman-Sepulveda

CREOL Alum: Jose Rafael Guzman-Sepulveda

2016 MS in Optics, advisor: Aristide Dogariu
2013 M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas
2010 B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering at Universidad de Guanajuato

Current Position: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
V. I Ruiz-Perez, D. A. May-Arrioja, and J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda
"An All-Solid Athermal Multimode-Interference Cascaded Device for Wavelength-Locking"
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(8), pp. 669-672
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, J. Deng, J. Y. Fang, and A. Dogariu
"Characterizing viscoelastic modulations in biopolymer hydrogels by coherence-gated light scattering"
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121(39), pp. 9234-9238
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, J. Deng, J. Fang, and A. Dogariu
"Continuous characterization of viscoelasticity-modulated biopolymer hydrogels"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), San Jose, California, ATu1A-5
D.A. May-Arrioja and J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda
"Fiber optic sensors based on multicore structures"
Fiber Optic Sensors: Current Status and Future Possibilities
D.A. May-Arrioja and J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda
"Highly sensitive fiber optic refractive index sensor using multicore coupled structures"
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 35(13), pp. 2695-2701
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, J. Deng, J. Fang, and A. Dogariu
"Light scattering characterization of viscoelastic modulations in biopolymer hydrogels"
IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), Orlando, FL
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, R. Argueta-Morales, W.M. DeCampli, and A. Dogariu
"Real-time intraoperative monitoring of blood coagulability via coherence-gated light scattering"
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 1(2), UNSP 0028
G. Capilla-Gonzalez, D.A. May-Arrioja, D. Lopez-Cortes, and J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda
"Stress homogenization effect in multicore fiber optic bending sensors"
Applied Optics, 56(8), pp. 2273-2279
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda and A. Dogariu
"Continuous characterization of structural dynamics in complex systems"
FLAVS Annual Joint Symposium and Exhibition, Orlando, FL, March
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda and A. Dogariu
"Continuous monitoring of structural dynamics in polymer assemblies."
APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March, 61(2), F42.7
R. Guzman-Cabrera, J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, A.G. Parada, J.R. Garcia, M.T. Cisneros, and D. Baleanu
"Digital processing of thermographic images for medical applications"
Revista De Chimie, 67(1), pp.53-56
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, J. Deng, J. Fang, and A. Dogariu
"In-situ characterization of structural dynamics in swelling hydrogels"
Soft Matter, 12, pp.5986-5994
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, R. Argueta-Morales, K.K. Pourmoghadam, W.M. DeCampli, and A. Dogariu
"Optical rheology of blood during cardiovascular surgery"
CLEO, San Jose, CA, June, paper ATu1O
A. Gonzalez-Parada, R. Guzman-Cabrera, M. Torres-Cisneros, J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda
"Comparative analysis of thermography studies and electrical measurement of partial discharges in underground power cables"
International Journal Of Thermophysics 36(9), pp.2356-2369
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, S. Amin, E.N. Lewis, A. Dogariu
"Full characterization of colloidal dynamics at low Péclet numbers"
Langmuir, 31(38), pp.10351–10357
M.A. Fuentes-Fuentes, D.A. May-Arrioja, J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, M. Torres-Cisneros, J.J. Sanchez-Mondragon
"Highly sensitive liquid core temperature sensor based on multimode interference effects"
Sensors 15(10), pp.26929-26939
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, D. Hurtado-Gimenez, A. Dogariu
"Measurement of diffusive transport at liquid-liquid interfaces"
FiO/OSA: Optics in Biology and Medicine. San Jose, CA
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, D. Hurtado-Gimenez, A. Dogariu
"Measuring local diffusion properties in colloidal systems"
International Conference on Speckle Metrology. Guanajuato, Mexico
W. Liang, J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda, S. He, A. Dogariu, J. Y. Fang
"Microrheology and release behaviors of self-assembled steroid hydrogels"
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 3, pp.6-15
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, K.M. Douglass, S. Amin, N.E. Lewis, A. Dogariu
"Passive optical mapping of structural evolution in complex fluids"
RSC Advances 5(7), 5357-5362
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, A. Dogariu
"Real-time full characterization of colloidal dynamics"
J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda, C. K. Falusi, K. M. Douglass, S. Amin, and A. Dogariu
"Active and passive measurements of local properties of complex fluids using low-coherence dynamic light scattering"
Biological and Pharmaceutical Complex Fluids II: Novel Trends in Characterizing Interactions, Microstructure and Rheology. Durham, North Carolina
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