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Jialei Tang

CREOL Alum: Jialei Tang

2018 MS in Optics, advisor: Kyu Young Han
2015 Master in Optics at Chinese Academy of Science
2012 Bachelor in Optical Information Science and Technology at University of Science and Technology of China

Current Position: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Awards & Honors
2017 Doctoral Research Support Award
Jialei Tang, Chun-Hung Weng, JB Oleske & KY Han
"Building a highly inclined swept tile microscope for extended field-of-view single-molecule imaging"
JoVE [invited article], In press
Jialei Tang & KY Han
"Extended field-of-view single-molecule imaging by highly inclined swept illumination"
Optica, 5(9), pp. 1063-1069
Ian Khaw, Benjamin Croop, Jialei Tang, A Möhl, U Fuchs, and KY Han
"Flat-field illumination for quantitative fluorescence imaging"
Optics Express 26, 15276-15288
Jialei Tang & KY Han
"Low-photobleaching line-scanning confocal microscopy using dual inclined beams"
Appl. Opt., submitted
G Je, Benjamin Croop, S Basu, Jialei Tang, KY Han* and YS Kim*
"Endogenous alpha-synuclein protein analysis from human brain tissues using single-molecule pull-down assay"
Anal. Chem. 89, 13044-13048
Jialei Tang, Y Sun, S Pang and KY Han
"Spatially encoded fast single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy with full field-of-view"
Sci. Rep. 7, 10945
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