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Arthur R. Weeks

CREOL Alum: Arthur R. Weeks

1987 PhD in Electrical Engineering, advisor: Ronald L. Phillips

Current Position: Vice President, InVivo Research, Inc.
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J. A. Bean, A. Weeks, and G. D. Boreman
"Performance Optimization of Antenna-Coupled Al/AlO(x)/Pt Tunnel Diode Infrared Detectors"
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 47(1), pp.126–135
A.R. Weeks, J. Xu, R.R. Phillips, L.C. Andrews, C. M. Stickley, G. Sellar, J. S. Stryjewski, and J.E. Harvey
"Experimental Verification and Theory for an Eight-element Multiple-aperture Equal-gain Coherent Laser Receiver for Laser Communications"
Appl. Opt. 37, 4782-4788
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