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Ji-Myung Kim

CREOL Alum: Ji-Myung Kim

2010 PhD in Optics, advisor: Peter J. Delfyett
1999 B.S. in Photonics at Yeunghan University
1997 B.S. in Physics at Yeungnam University

2003 - 2010: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
J.M. Kim
"Quantum Dot Mode-locked Semiconductor Lasers"
PhD Thesis, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
J. Kim and P.J. Delfyett
"Above threshold spectral dependence of linewidth enhancement factor, pulse duration and linear chirp of quantum dot mode-locked lasers"
Opt. Express, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 22566-22570
Neubert, M. E.; Abdallah, D. G.; Keast, S. S.; Kim, J. M.; Lee, S.; Stayshich, R. M.; Walsh, M. E.
"The effect of olefinic terminal chains on the mesomorphic properties of 4,4 '-disubstituted diphenyldiacetylenes"
Liquid Crystals. 30(6) 711-731
Lee, S.; Stegeman, G. I.; Kim, J.; Falco, C. M.; Askarpour, V.; Manghnani, M. H.
"Effect of Thermal Annealing on Elastic Properties of Ag/Pd Superlattice Films"
Solid State Communications. 94(9) 691-693
Dutcher, J. R.; Lee, S.; Kim, J.; Bell, J. A.; Stegeman, G. I.; Falco, C. M.
"Brillouin-Scattering Studies of the Elastic Properties of Metallic Superlattices"
Materials Science and Engineering B-Solid State Materials for Advanced Technology. 6(2-3) 199-204
Dutcher, J. R.; Lee, S. M.; Kim, J.; Stegeman, G. I.; Falco, C. M.
"Enhancement of the C-11 Elastic-Constant of Ag/Pd Superlattice Films as Determined from Longitudinal Guided Modes"
Physical Review Letters. 65(10) 1231-1234
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