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Peter Krenz

CREOL Alum: Peter Krenz

2010 PhD in Optics, advisor: Glenn D. Boreman
2008 MS in Optics, advisor: Glenn D. Boreman
2003 B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma State University

Current Position: EE Dept Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Notre Dame
2004 - 2010: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
P. M. Krenz, B. A. Lail, and G. D. Boreman
"Calibration of Lead-Line Response Contribution in Measured Radiation Patterns of IR Dipole Arrays"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics In Quantum Electronics 17(1), pp. 218-221
P. Krenz, B. Slovick, J. Bean, and G. Boreman
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B. Slovick, J. Bean, P. Krenz, and G. Boreman
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B. Slovick, P. Krenz , G. Zummo , and G. Boreman
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Infrared Physics & Technology 53(2), pp. 89-93
R. Olmon, P. Krenz, B. Lail, L. Saraf, G. Boreman, and M. Raschke
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R. Olmon, P. Krenz, B. Lail, L. Saraf, G. Boreman, and M. Raschke,
"Nano-Optical Vector Network Analyzer"
J. Ginn, D. Shelton , P. Krenz , B. Lail , and G. Boreman
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Peter Krenz , Javier Alda, and Glenn Boreman
"Orthogonal infrared dipole antenna"
Infrared Physics and Technology, vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 340-343
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