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James Ginn

CREOL Alum: James Ginn

2009 PhD in Electrical Engineering, advisor: Glenn D. Boreman
2004 B.S. in Electrical Engineering at University of Central Florida

2009 - 2011: Postdoctoral Appointee, Sandia National Lab
2005 - 2009: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Current Position: Vice President, Plasmonics, Inc.
Plasmonics, Inc.
Edward C. Kinzel, Robert L. Brown, James C. Ginn, Brian A. Lail, Brian A. Slovick, and Glenn D. Boreman
"Design of an MOM diode-coupled frequency-selective surface"
Microwave And Optical Technology Letters 55(3), pp.489-493
E. Kinzel, J. Ginn, E. Tucker, J. D' Archangel, L. Florence, B. Lail, and G. Boreman
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A. Ravichandran, E. Kinzel, J. Ginn, J. D' Archangel, E. Tucker, B. Lail, M. Raschke, and G. Boreman
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F. Yang, P. Nayeri, A. Z. Elsherbeni, J. C. Ginn, D. J. Shelton, G. D. Boreman, and Y. Rahmat-Samii
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IEEE Transactions On Antennas And Propagation 60(9), pp.4202-4209
D. J. Shelton, I. Brener, J. C. Ginn, M. B. Sinclair, D. W. Peters, K. R. Coffey, and G. D. Boreman
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Nano Letters 11(5), pp. 2104-2108
G. Boreman, J. Ginn, J. Gómez-Pedrero, and J.Alda
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RIAO/Optilas, September (Invited)
J. Ihlefeld, J. Ginn, D. Shelton, V. Matias, M. Rodriguez, P. Kotula, J. Carroll, G. Boreman, P. Clem, and M. Sinclair
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Applied Physics Letters 97, 191913:1-3
J. Alda, J. Ginn, and G. Boreman
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EUCAP, April 12-16 (Invited)
J. Ginn, J. Alda, J. Gomez-Pedrero, and G. Boreman
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Optics Express 18, pp. 10931-10940
C. Packham, M. Escuti, J. Ginn, C. Oh, I. Quijano, and G. Boreman
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Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 122, pp. 1471-1482
J. Ginn, D. Shelton , P. Krenz , B. Lail , and G. Boreman
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D. Peters, D. Shelton, J. Ginn, M. Sinclair, G. Ten-Eyck, J. Wendt, W. Langston, L. Basilio, L. Warne, B. Passmore, G. Boreman
"Effect of oxide layers on the performance of split ring resonator metamaterials"
London Metamaterials Conference
D. Shelton, J. Ginn, K. Coffey, G. Boreman
"Infrared photoconductivity in heavily nitrogen doped a-Si:H"
Materials Research Society meeting
F. González, J. Alda, J. Simón, J. Ginn, and G. Boreman
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Infrared Physics and Technology, vol. 52, pp. 48-51
D. Shelton , J. Cleary, J. Ginn, S. Wadsworth , R. Peale, D. Kotter, and G. Boreman
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J. Ginn, B. Lail, J. Alda, and G. Boreman
"Planar infrared binary phase reflectarray"
Optics Letters, vol. 33, no. 8, pp. 779-781
D. Shelton , T. Sun, J. Ginn, K. Coffey, and G. Boreman
"Relaxation time effects on dynamic conductivity of alloyed metallic thin films in the infrared band"
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 104, pp. 103514
W. Folks, J. Ginn, D. Shelton , J. Tharp, and G. Boreman
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Physica Status Solidi (c), vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 1113-1116
J.C. Ginn, D.J. Shelton, J.S. Tharp, B.A. Lail, G.D. Boreman
"Distributed Loading Effect for Infrared FSS"
2007 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Symposium, accepted paper.
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