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Clarisse Mazuir

CREOL Alum: Clarisse Mazuir

2011 PhD in Optics, advisor: Winston V. Schoenfeld
2007 MS in Optics, advisor: Winston V. Schoenfeld
2007 MS in Optics at University of Central Florida
2004 BS in Optics at Ecole supérieure d'optique

Current Position: , Apple, Inc.
2012 - 2015: Technical Project Lead, high power LEDs, Philips Lumileds
2011 - 2012: Senior Development Engineer, Philips Lumileds
2005 - 2011: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
2004 - 2004: Image processing engineer, Essilor
R. Berlich, J. Choi, C. Mazuir, W. V. Schoenfeld, S. Nolte, and M. C. Richardson
"Spatially resolved measurement of femtosecond laser induced refractive index changes in transparent materials"
Optics Letters 37, pp. 3003
G. Ding, J. Deng, L. Zhou, Q. Gan, J. C. M. Hwang, V. Dierolf, F. J. Bartoli, C. Mazuir, and W. V. Schoenfeld
"Aluminum nanogrid electrode for ultraviolet detectors"
Optics Letters 36, 3663
C. Mazuir, and W.V. Schoenfeld
"Critical Nanofabrication Parameters for the E-Beam Assisted Design of a Sub Wavelength Aluminum Mesh "
Proceedings of SPIE Photonics West 2010
Clarisse Mazuir, J. Thomas Deng, Jim C. M. Hwang, and Winston V. Schoenfeld
"E beam assisted fabrication of a subwavelength aluminum mesh"
Proceedings of SPIE Photonics West 2009
Jie Deng, Qiaoqiang Gan, Liangcheng Zhou, Volkmar R. Dierolf, Filbert J. Bartoli, James C. M. Hwang, Clarisse Mazuir, Winston V. Schoenfeld, and Andrei Osinsky
"Polarization-Independent Surface-Plasmon-Enhanced High-Speed Ultraviolet p+-AlGaN/i-GaN/n+-GaN Photodetectors"
Proceedings of ICMAT & IUMRS-ICA 2009
Clarisse Mazuir, and Winston V. Schoenfeld
"Modeling standard techniques to improve core/multishell nanowire light emitting diodes efficiencies"
Proceedings of SPIE Optics and Photonics 2008
Clarisse Mazuir, Christine Klemenz, and Winston V. Schoenfeld
"Comprehensive modeling of nitride based core/multishell nanowires as a guiding tool for the growth and fabrication of future high efficiency nanowire devices"
International Conference of Crystal Growth 15 2007
C. Mazuir and W. V. Schoenfeld
"Modeling of nitride based core/multishell nanowire LEDs"
Journal of Nanophotonics 1, 013503 (2007).
Amitabh Ghoshal, Grady Webb-Wood, Clarisse Mazuir, and Pieter G. Kik
"Coherent far-field excitation of surface plasmons using resonantly tuned metal nanoparticle arrays"
Proc. SPIE 5927, 592714 (2005)
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