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Michaël Hemmer

CREOL Alum: Michaël Hemmer

2011 PhD in Optics, advisor: Martin C. Richardson
2005 BS in Optics at Ecole Generaliste d'Ingenieurs

Current Position: Research Scientist, DESY, Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron
2013 - 2014: Research Scientist, ICFO - The Institute of Photonics Sciences
2011 - 2013: Postdoctoral Researcher, ICFO - The Institute of Photonics Sciences
2005 - 2011: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
A. Couairon, V. Jukna, J. Darginavicius, D. Majus, N. Garejev, I. Gražuleviciute, G. Valiulis, G. Tamošauskas, A. Dubietis, F. Silva, D.R. Austin, M. Hemmer, M. Baudisch, A. Thai, J. Biegert, D. Faccio, A. Jarnac, A. Houard, Y. Liu, A. Mysyrowicz, S. Grabielle, N. Forget, A. Durécu, M. Durand, K. Lim, E. McKee, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Filamentation and pulse self-compression in the anomalous dispersion region of glasses"
Editors: Andre D. Bandrauk, Emmanuel Lorin, Jerome V. Moloney Laser Filamentation - Mathematical Methods and Models, Part of the series CRM Series in Mathematical Physics pp. 147-165
Mark Ramme, Andreas Vaupel, Michaël Hemmer, Jiyeon Choi, Ilya Mingareev, and Martin C. Richardson
"Chapter 2: Lasers for Ultrafast Laser–Materials Processing"
in “Ultrafast Laser Processing: From Micro- to Nanoscale”, Edited by Koji Sugioka and Ya Cheng, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. ISBN 978-981-4267-33-5 (Hardcover), 978-981-4303-69-9 (eBook)
Andreas Vaupel, Nathan Bodnar, Benjamin Webb, Lawrence Shah, Michaël Hemmer, Eric Cormier, and Martin Richardson
"Hybrid master oscillator power amplifier system providing 10 mJ, 32 W, and 50 MW pulses for optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification pumping"
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 30, 12
Martin Richardson, Mark Ramme, JiYeon Choi, Michael Hemmer & Ilya Mingareev
"Optimizing Ultrafast Lasers for Materials Processing "
Chapter 2, in “Ultrafast Laser Processing: From Micro- to Nanoscale”, edited by Kogi Sugioka
Michaël Hemmer, Andreas Vaupel, Mark Ramme, and Martin Richardson
"Spectral Narrowing and Locking of a Multi-Watt Yb:YAG Thin-Disk Laser via VBG Feedback"
submitted to Applied Optics
M. Hemmer, A. Vaupel, M. Wohlmuth, and M. Richardson
"OPCPA pump laser based on a regenerative amplifier with volume Bragg grating spectral filtering"
Applied Physics B. DOI: 10.1007/s00340-011-4843-2
M. Hemmer, Y. Joly, L. B. Glebov, M. Bass, and M. Richardson
"Sub-5-pm linewidth, 130-nm-tuning of a coupled-cavity Ti:sapphire oscillator via volume Bragg grating-based feedback"
Applied Physics B-Lasers And Optics 106(4), pp.803-807
A. Vaupel, N. Bodnar, M. Hemmer, and M. C. Richardson
"A Joule-class, TEM00 spatial profile, narrow-linewidth laser system"
Photonics West LASE, San Francisco, CA, USA, 22-27 January
M. Hemmer, A. Vaupel, M. Ramme , C. Willis, J. Bradford, V. Smirnov, L. Shah, L. B. Glebov, M. C. Richardson
"A VBG-Stabilized Narrow Linewidth, Spectrally Tunable, Yb:YAG Thin-Disk Laser"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics - CLEO, paper CWP3
A. Vaupel, N. Bodnar, B. Webb, M. Hemmer, and M. C. Richardson
"Design and preliminary results for a sub-5-fs, 100 mJ-level, CEP-stabilized laser facility - PhaSTHEUS"
High-Intensity Lasers and High-Field Phenomena, Istanbul, Turkey, 17-17 February
M. Hemmer
"Few-Cycle Pulses Amplification For Attosecond Science Applications: Modeling And Experiments"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
B. Webb, A. Vaupel, M. Hemmer, N. Bodnar, and M. C. Richardson
"Next generation high power OPCPA femtosecond laser systems"
Directed Energy Professional Society 9th annual Ultrashort Laser Workshop In Santa Fe, NM, USA, June
M. Hemmer, A. Vaupel, and M.C. Richardson
"A Compact Quasi-Single-Cycle, Phase Stabilized Laser System"
LEOS, Denver, CO, Volume 4, November 7-11
M. Hemmer, A. Vaupel, and M.C. Richardson
"Current Statuts Of The HERACLES, A Millijoule Level, Multi Khz, Few-Cycle, And CEP Stabilized OPCPA System"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) San Jose, CA, May
M. Hemmer, A. Vaupel, and M.C. Richardson
"High Power, Quasi-Single Cycle Phase-Correlated Laser System for EUV And Attoscience Studies"
International Symposium on Ultra-fast Phenomena and Terahertz Waves, Xi'an, China, September 12-16 (Invited)
Michaël Hemmer, Andreas Vaupel, Benjamin Webb and Martin Richardson
"Multi-kHz, multi-mJ, phase stabilized, OPCPA amplifier system"
Proceedings of SPIE Photonics West - Lase (San Francisco, CA, USA), volume 7578, 24-30 January 2010.
Michaël Hemmer, Clémence Jollivet, Martin Richardson
"Few cycle, carrier-envelope phase stabilized Ti:Sapphire oscillator as an OPCPA front end"
South East Ultrafast Conference (Orlando, FL, USA) 15-16 January 2009
Michaël Hemmer, Andreas Vaupel, Martin Richardson
"Numerical Investigation of Ultra-broad Band Pulse Stretching and Compressing for OPCPA Applications"
UltraFast Optics (UFO VII) and High Field Short Wavelength (HFSW XIII) (Arcachon, France, 2009) 31 August-5 September 2009
Robert Bernath, Martin Richardson, Joshua Duncan, Michael Hemmer, Timothy McComb, Etienne Puyoo
"Systems and methods for measuring ultra-short light pulses"
University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (Orlando, FL), June 23
Michaël Hemmer, Andreas Vaupel, Martin Richardson
"Toward a Multi-kHz, Multi-mJ, Few Cycle, Phase Stabilized Laser System"
International Conference on Attosecond Physics (Manhattan, KS, USA) 28 July-1 August 2009
Michaël Hemmer, Yann Joly, Leonid B. Glebov, Michael Bass, Martin C. Richardson
"Volume Bragg Grating assisted broadband tunability and spectral narrowing of Ti:Sapphire oscillators"
Optics Express, volume 17, number 10, pages 8212-8219
Michaël Hemmer, Yann Joly, Vadim Smirnov, Leonid Glebov, Michael Bass, Martin Richardson
"Extending the tunability and spectral narrowing of Ti:Sapphire oscillator via Volume Bragg Grating based feedback"
Proceedings of CLEO (San Jose, CA, USA) 5-9 May 2008
Te-Yuan Chung, Alexandra Rapaport, Ying Chen, Vadim Smirnov, Michaël Hemmer, Leonid Glebov, Martin Richardson, Michael Bass
"Spectral narrowing of solid state lasers by narrow-band PTR Bragg mirrors."
SPIE Laser Source and System Technology for Defense and Security II; SPIE Defense & Security Symposium (Orlando, FL, USA) May 2006
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