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Syed Azer Reza

CREOL Alum: Syed Azer Reza

2010 PhD in Optics, advisor: Nabeel A. Riza
2008 MS in Optics, advisor: Nabeel A. Riza
2008 MS in Optics at University of Central Florida
2005 MS in Telecommunication Eng at FH Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
2003 BS in Electronic Engineering at GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology

Current Position: Assistant Scientist , University of Wisconsin, Madison
2006 - 2010: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
N. A. Riza, S. A. Reza, and P. J. Marraccini
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Optics Communications, 284(1), pp. 103-111
S.A. Reza, N.A. Riza
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N.A. Riza, S.A. Reza, and P.J. Marraccini
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N.A. Riza, S.A. Reza
"Smart Agile Lens Remote Optical Sensor for Three-Dimensional Object Shape Measurements"
Applied Optics 49(7), pp. 1139-1150
S. A. Reza and N. A. Riza
"A Liquid Lens-Based Broadband Variable Fiber Optical Attenuator"
Optics Communications Vol. 282, No.7, pp.1298-1303
S. A. Reza and N. A. Riza
"High Dynamic Range Variable Fiber Optical Attenuator using Digital Micromirrors and Opto-fluidics"
IEEE Photon. Tech. Lett, Vol.21
N. A. Riza and S. A. Reza
"Non-Contact Distance Sensor using Spatial Signal Processing"
Optics Letters, Vol.34, No.4, pp.434-436
S. A. Reza and N. A. Riza
"Variable Fiber-Optic Attenuator using Optofluidics"
Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 7339, Paper No. 11 Enabling Photonics Technologies for Defense, Security, and Aerospace Applications V, in Defense and Security Symposium 2009
N. A. Riza and S. A. Reza
"High-dynamic-range hybrid analog-digital control broadband optical spectral processor using micromirror and acousto-optic devices"
Optics Letters, Vol. 33, pp.1222-1224
N. A. Riza and S. A. Reza
"Broadband All-Digital Variable Fiber-Optic Attenuator using Digital Micro-Mirror Device"
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N. A. Riza and S. A. Reza
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N. A. Riza and S. A. Reza
"Smart Value-Added Fiber-Optic Modules using Spatially Multiplexed Processing"
Applied Optics, Vol.46, No.18, pp.3800-3810
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