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CREOL Alum: Christopher Depriest

2002 PhD in Physics, advisor: Peter J. Delfyett
1996 M.S. in Physics at University of North Carolina-Charlotte
1993 B.S. in Physics at University of Texas-Austin

Current Position: Manager, Applications, Q-Peak, Inc.
1995 - 2002: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, School of Optics
Yilmaz, T. A.; Depriest, C. M.; Braun, A.; Abeles, J. H.; Delfyett, P. J.
"Noise in fundamental and harmonic modelocked semiconductor lasers: Experiments and simulations"
Ieee Journal of Quantum Electronics. 39(7) 838-849
Yilmaz, T.; DePriest, C. M.; Delfyett, P. J.; Etemad, S.; Braun, A.; Abeles, J. H.
"Supermode suppression to below-130 dBc/Hz in a 10 GHz harmonically mode-locked external sigma cavity semiconductor laser"
Optics Express. 11(9) 1090-1095
Christopher Depriest
"An investigation of noise properties in actively-modelocked semiconductor diode lasers for application in next-generation optoelectronic analog-to-digital converters"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
Delfyett, P. J.; DePriest, C.; Yilmaz, T.
"Signal processing at the speed of lightwaves"
Ieee Circuits & Devices. 18(5) 28-35
Yilmaz, T.; DePriest, C. M.; Turpin, T.; Abeles, J. H.; Delfyett, P. J.
"Toward a photonic arbitrary waveform generator using a modelocked external cavity semiconductor laser"
Ieee Photonics Technology Letters. 14(11) 1608-1610
Yilmaz, T.; DePriest, C. M.; Delfyett, P. J.
"Complete noise characterisation of external cavity semiconductor laser hybridly modelocked at 10 GHz"
Electronics Letters. 37(22) 1338-1339
Richardson, M.; Torres, D.; DePriest, C.; Jin, F.; Shimkaveg, G.
"Mass-limited, debris-free laser-plasma EUV source"
Optics Communications. 145(1-6) 109-112
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