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CREOL Alum: Hugues Francois-Saint-Cyr

2001 PhD in Materials Science, advisor: Kathleen A. Richardson

Current Position: Applications Scientist (Atom Probe), Cameca (Ametek)
2003 - 2005: Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School
1998 - 2003: Research Scientist, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Cardinal, T.; Efimov, O. M.; Francois-Saint-Cyr, H. G.; Glebov, L. B.; Glebova, L. N.; Smirnov, V. I.
"Comparative study of photo-induced variations of X-ray diffraction and refractive index in photo-thermo-refractive glass"
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. 325(1-3) 275-281
Le Coustumer, P.; Motelica-Heino, M.; Chapon, P.; Saint-Cyr, H. F.; Payling, R.
"Surface characterization and depth profile analysis of glasses by r.f. GDOES"
Surface and Interface Analysis. 35(7) 623-629
H. Francois-Saint-Cyr
"Photo-thermo-refractive glasses: crystallization mechanism for optical applications"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
Stevie, F. A.; Shofner, T. L.; Hillion, F.; Francois-Saint-Cyr, H.; Kimble, T.; Elshot, K.; Richardson, K. A.
"Advanced sample preparation techniques for SIMS analysis of semiconductor materials"
Microbeam Analysis 2000, Proceedings. (165) 325-326
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