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CREOL Alum: Roman Malendevich

2001 PhD in Optics, advisor: George I. Stegeman
1994 M.Sc. in Physics, Optics at Kiev University, Kiev, Ukraine

Current Position: Sr. Manager, Infinera
2002 - 2006: Si photonics design, Luxtera
1998 - 2001: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, School of Optics
Polyakov, S.; Malendevich, R.; Jankovic, L.; Stegeman, G.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.
"Effects of anisotropic diffraction on quadratic multisoliton excitation in noncritically phase-matched crystals"
Optics Letters. 27(12) 1049-1051
Malendevich, R. R.; Friedrich, L.; Stegeman, G. I.; Soto-Crespo, J. M.; Akhmediev, N. N.; Aitchison, J. S.
"Radiation-related polarization instability of Kerr spatial vector solitons"
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics. 19(4) 695-702
Schiek, R.; Fang, H.; Malendevich, R.; Stegeman, G. I.
"Measurement of modulational instability gain of second-order nonlinear optical eigenmodes in a one-dimensional system"
Physical Review Letters. 86(20) 4528-4531
Roman Malendevich
"Spatial solitons and instabilities in nonlinear optical media"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
Friedrich, L.; Malendevich, R.; Stegeman, G. I.; Soto-Crespo, J. M.; Akhmediev, N. N.; Aitchison, J. S.
"Radiation related polarization instability of fast Kerr spatial solitons in slab waveguides"
Optics Communications. 186(4-6) 335-341
Fang, H.; Malendevich, R.; Schiek, R.; Stegeman, G. I.
"Spatial modulational instability in one-dimensional lithium niobate slab waveguides"
Optics Letters. 25(24) 1786-1788
Stegeman, G. I.; Fuerst, R.; Malendevich, R.; Schiek, R.; Baek, Y.; Baumann, I.; Sohler, W.; Leo, G.; Assanto, G.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.
"Unique properties of quadratic solitons"
Acta Physica Polonica A. 95(5) 691-703
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