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Robert Stegeman

CREOL Alum: Robert Stegeman

2006 PhD in Optics, advisor: Peter J. Delfyett
2003 MS in Optics, advisor: Peter J. Delfyett
2000 BS in Electrical Engineering at University of Florida

Current Position: Sr. Optical Investigator - LGS Innovations, Inc., University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Current Position: Sr. Optical Investigator, LGS Innovations
2017 - 2018: Research Scientist, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
2001 - 2005: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
Current Position: Optical Engineer, Northrop Grumman Laser Systems
Current Position: Principal Research Scientist, Q-Peak
Current Position: Principal Scientist, Nuburu

Since graduating from CREOL in 2006 with his Ph.D. in Optics, Robert has gathered extensive experience designing and building prototype lasers, primarily for defense contractors.  Recently, he was the Principal Scientist at NUBURU generating IP and designing lasers using visible laser diodes for single mode operation.  He returned to CREOL in 2017 to pursue research with Dr. Guifang Li on brightness enhancement of laser diodes and few-mode fiber pre-amplifiers, resulting in three patent applications.  He is currently at LGS Innovations performing systems and optical investigator roles on space-qualified free-space optical communications systems, as well as pursuing business development opportunities.  In 2012, he co-authored a nonlinear optics textbook with his father, George.

R. Sampson, H. Liu, H. Wen, Y. Zhang, R. Stegeman, P. Zhang, B. Huang, N. Wang, S. Fan, J.C. Alvarado Zacarias, R. Amezcua Correa, and G. Li
"Improving the Sensitivity of LiDARs Using Few-Mode Pre-amplified Receivers"
Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science, Washington DC, paper FW7A.2.
C. Rivero, R. Stegeman, K. Richardson, G. Stegeman, G. Turri, M. Bass, P. Thomas, M. Udovic, T. Cardinal, E. Fargin, M. Couzi, H. Jain, A. Miller
"Influence of modifier oxides on the structural and optical properties of binary TeO2 glasses"
Journal of Applied Physics 101, 023526
Robert Stegeman
"Direct nonlinear optics measurements of raman gain in bulk glasses and estimates of fiber performance "
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
Stegeman, R.; Jankovic, L.; Kim, H.; Rivero, C.; Stegeman, G.; Richardson, K.; Delfyett, P.; Guo, Y.; Schulte, A.; Cardinal, T.
"Tellurite glasses with peak absolute Raman gain coefficients up to 30 times that of fused silica"
Optics Letters. 28(13) 1126-1128
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