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Henry Williams

CREOL Alum: Henry Williams

2013 PhD in Chemistry, advisor: Stephen Kuebler

Current Position: Technical Associate, NanoSpective
2006 - 2014: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
H.E. Williams, C. Diaz, G. Padilla, F.E. Hernandez, and S.M. Kuebler
"Order of multiphoton excitation of sulfonium photo-acid generators used in photoresists based on SU-8"
Journal of Applied Physics, 121(22), 223104
S. M. Kuebler, H. E. Williams, C. Diaz, G. Padilla and F. E. Hernandez
"Nonlinear excitation associated with direct laser writing in SU-8"
Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science -- FiO 1.1: General Optical Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Instrumentation IV, Optical Society of America (Tucson, AZ, 19-23 Oct. 2014).
C. M. Schwarz, H. E. Williams, C. N. Grabill, A. M. Lewis, S. M. Kuebler, B. Gleason, K. Richardson, A. Pogrebnyakov, T. S. Mayer, C. Drake, and C. Rivero-Baleine
"Processing and properties of arsenic trisulfide chalcogenide glasses for direct laser writing of 3D micro-structures"
Photonics West 2014: Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics VII, SPIE, pp. 89740P-1 to 89740P-11 (San Francisco, CA, 1-6 Feb. 2014).
H. E. Williams, Jr.
"Photophysical and photochemical factors affecting multi-photon direct laser writing using the cross-linkable epoxide SU-8. "
Doctoral thesis thesis, University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida)
S. M. Kuebler, H. E. Williams, D. J. Freppon, R. C. Rumpf, and M. A. Melino
"Creation of Three-Dimensional Micro-Photonic Structures on the End-Face of Optical Fibers"
Journal Laser Micro Nanoengineering, 7(3), pp. 293 - 298
H. E. Williams, Z. Luo, and S. M. Kuebler
"Effect of refractive index mismatch on multi-photon direct laser writing"
Optics Express 20(22), pp. 25030-25040
H. E. Williams, D. J. Freppon, S. M. Kuebler, R. C. Rumpf, and M. A. Melino
"Fabrication of three-dimensional micro-photonic structures on the tip of optical fibers using SU-8"
Optics Express 19(23), pp. 22910-22922
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