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Jie Sun

CREOL Alum: Jie Sun

2013 PhD in Optics, advisor: Shin-Tson Wu
2013 MS in Optics, & Shin-Tson Wu
2008 Masters in Physics at Nanjing University
2005 Bachelors in Physics at Nanjing University

Current Position: Sr. Optical Engineer, Magic Leap
2008 - 2014: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Central Florida, College of Optics & Photonics
Awards & Honors
2012 IEEE Outstanding Graduate Student Award
S. Xu, Y. Li, Y.F. Liu, J. Sun, H. Ren, S.T. Wu
"Fast-response liquid crystal microlens (vol 5, pg 300, 2014)"
Micromachines 6(3), pp.328-329
S. Xu, Y. Li, Y. Liu, J. Sun, H. Ren, and S.-T. Wu
"Fast-response liquid crystal microlens"
Micromachines 5(2), 300-324
Jie Sun, Shin-Tson Wu, and Yasuhiro Haseba
"Submillisecond-Response Polymer Network Liquid Crystal for Next-Generation Spatial Light Modulators"
SID Symp. Digest 45, 1449-1452 (San Diego, CA, 2014)
J. Sun, et al.
"Distinguished student paper: Submillisecond-response Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Cylindrical Microlens Array for 3D Displays"
SID Symp. Digest 44, 989-992 (2013, Vancouver, Canada)
S. Xu, H. Ren, J. Sun, and S. T. Wu
"Polarization independent VOA based on dielectrically stretched liquid crystal droplet"
Optics Express 20, 17059-17064
J. Sun, Y. Chen, and S. T. Wu
"Submillisecond-response and scattering-free infrared liquid crystal phase modulators"
Optics Express 20, 20124-20129
Y. Chen, J. Yan, J. Sun, S. T. Wu, X. Liang, S. H. Liu, P. J. Hsieh, K. L. Cheng, and J. W. Shiu
"A microsecond- response polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal"
Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 201105
Y. Li, Y. Chen, J. Sun, S. T. Wu, S. H. Liu, P. J. Hsieh, K. L. Cheng, and J. W. Shiu
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Applied Physics Letters 99, pp. 181126
Y. Chen, J. Sun, H. Xianyu, S. T. Wu, X. Liang, and H. Tang
"High birefringence fluoro-terphenyls for thin-cell-gap TFT-LCDs"
Journal of Display Technology 7, pp. 478-481
Y. Chen, H. Xianyu, J. Sun, P. Kula, R. Dabrowski, S. Tripathi, R. J. Twieg, and S. T. Wu
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Optics Express 19(11), pp. 10843-10848
J. Sun, H. Xianyu, Y. Chen, and S. T. Wu
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Applied Physics Letters 99, 021106
J. Sun, C.J. Tang, P. Zhan, Z.L. Han, Z.S. Cao, and Z.L. Wang
"Fabrication of centimeter-sized single-domain two-dimensional colloidal crystals in a wedge-shaped cell under capillary forces"
Langmuir 26, 7859
J. Sun, H. Xianyu, S. Gauza, and S. T. Wu
"High Birefringence Dual-frequency Liquid Crystals"
The SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 41, pp. 1758-1761
H. Xianyu, X. Liang, J. Sun and S.T. Wu
"High Performance Dual Frequency Liquid Crystal Compounds and Mixture for Elevated Temperature Operation"
Liq. Cryst. 37, pp. 1493-1499
Q. Song, S. Gauza, J. Sun, S. T. Wu, and X. Liang
"Diluters' effects on high Dn and low viscosity negative De terphenyl liquid crystals"
Liq. Cryst. 36, 865-872
J. Sun, H. Xianyu, S. Gauza, and S. T. Wu
"High birefringence phenyl-tolane positive compounds for dual frequency liquid crystals"
Liq. Cryst. 36, 1401-1408
J. Sun, Y. Y. Li, H. Dong, P. Zhan, C. J. Tang, M.W. Zhu, Z.L. Wang
"Fabrication and light transmission properties of monolayer square symmetric colloidal crystal via controlled convective self-assembly on one-dimensional grooves"
Advanced Materials, 20, 123
Y.Y. Li, J. Sun, L. Wang, P. Zhan, Z.S. Cao, Z.L. Wang
"Surface plasmon sensor with gold film deposited on two-dimensional colloidal crystals"
Appl. Phys. A 92, 291
M.W. Zhu, Y.M. Li, T. Meng, P. Zhan, J. Sun, J. Wu, Z.L. Wang, S.N. Zhu, and N.B. Ming
"Controlled strain on a double-templated textured polymer film: a new approach to patterned surfaces with Bravais lattices and chains"
Langmuir 22, 7248
P. Zhan, Z.L. Wang, H. Dong, J. Sun, J. Wu, H.-T. Wang, S.N. Zhu, N.B. Ming, and J. Zi
"The anomalous infrared transmission of gold films on two-dimensional colloidal crystals"
Advanced Materials 18, 1612
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