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Dr. Michael Sigman

Dr. Michael Sigman

Professor of Chemistry






Recent Publications

M. Baudelet, J. Chappell, B. Seesahai, M.C. Richardson, M.E. Sigman
"Quantitative evaluation of interferences in optical emission spectroscopy: towards quantitative line assignment"
Pittcon 2015; New Orleans, LA; 03/09
Martin Richardson, Matthieu Baudelet, Yuan Liu, Michael Sigman, and Romain Gaume
"Innovations towards extending LIBS technologies"
8th Int. Conf. on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS 2014), Tsinghua University, Beijing, September 8-12
Baudelet, Matthieu; Seesahai, Brandon; Liu, Yuan; Jeon, Cheonha; Richardson, Martin; Sigman, Michael; Chappell, Jessica
"Quantitative line assignment in optical emission spectroscopy"
SciX 2014; Reno, NV; 09/29,2014
Jessica Chappell, Brandon Seesahai, Yuan Liu, Cheonha Jeon, Martin Richardson, Michael E. Sigman, Matthieu Baudelet
"Quantitative line assignment in optical emission spectroscopy”, "
Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition 2014; Palm Harbor, FL; 05/10, 2014
M. Richardson, M. Baudelet, M. Sigman, and A. Miziolek
"Laser stand-off sensing technologies"
Indo-US Workshop on Spectroscopy: Application to National Security, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, January 18-20
C. N. Rinke, M. R. Williams, C. G. Brown, M. Baudelet, M. C. Richardson, and M. E. Sigman
"Discriminant analysis in the presence of interferences: Combined application of target factor analysis and a Bayesian soft-classifier"
Analytica Chimica Acta 753 (2012) 19 – 26
M. Baudelet, Y. Liu, M. Weidman, M. E. Sigman, M. Richardson
"Fifty years of LIBS and no limits for analysis"
SciX 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; 10/02, 2012 INVITED
M. Richardson, M. Baudelet, M. Sigman, and A. Miziolek
"Stand-off chemical and biological sensing"
Frontiers in Optics 2012, Laser Science XXVIII, Rochester, NY, USA. Invited presentation (14-18 October 2012) INVITED
Martin Richardson, Matthieu Baudelet, Michael Sigman and Andrzej Miziolek
"Stand-off LIBS – The status today and the future"
LIBS 2012; Luxor, Egypt; 09/29 – 10/04, 2012 INVITED
M. Baudelet, M. Sigman, and M. C. Richardson
"Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in complex situations"
FACSS 2011; Reno, NV, USA.

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