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Dr. Subith Vasu

Dr. Subith Vasu

Assistant Professor of MMAE





ENG1 407


Recent Publications

A. Terracciano, K. Thurmond, M. Villar, J. Urso, E. Ninnemann, A. Parupalli, Z. Loparo, N. Demidovich, J.S. Kapat, W.P. Partridge, Jr., and S. Vasu
"Hazardous gas detection sensor using broadband LED based absorption spectroscopy for space applications"
New Space, 6(1), pp. 28-36
S. Barak, O. Pryor, E. Ninnemann, J. Lopez, B. Koroglu, and S. Vasu
"High-speed imaging and measurements of ignition delay times in oxy-syngas mixtures with high CO2 dilution in a shock tube probed with high-speed imaging"
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 139(12):121503
S. Panteleev, A. Masunov, and S. Vasu
"Molecular dynamics study of combustion reactions in a supercritical environment. Part 2: boxed MD study of CO+OH=CO2+H reaction kinetics"
Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Z.E. Loparo, J.G. Lopez, S. Neupane, W.P. Partridge Jr., K.L. Vodopyanov, and S.S. Vasu
"Fuel-rich n-heptane oxidation: A shock tube and laser absorption study"
Combustion and Flame 185, pp. 220–233
B. Koroglu, S. Neupane, O. Pryor, R. Peale, and S.S. Vasu
"High temperature infrared absorption cross sections of methane near 3.4 µm in Ar and CO2 mixtures"
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 206, pp. 36-45
Q. Ru, Z. E. Loparo, X. Zhang, S. Crystal, S.S. Vasu, P. G. Schunemann, and K.L. Vodopyanov
"Self-referenced octave-wide subharmonic GaP optical parametric oscillator centered at 3 µm and pumped by an Er-fiber laser"
Optics Letters, 42(1), pp. 4756-4759
K.R.V. Manikantachari, S.M. Martin, J.O. Bobren-Diaz, and S.S. Vasu
"Analysis of thermal and transport properties for the simulation of direct fired sCO2 Combustor"
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 139(12), 121505
A. Terracciano, S. De Oliveira, S.S. Vasu, and N. Orlovskaya
"LaCoO3 catalytically enhanced MgO partially stabilized ZrO2 in heterogeneous methane combustion"
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 90, pp. 330-335
E. Ninnemann, B. Koroglu, O. Pryor, S. Barak, L. Nash, Z. Loparo, J. Sosa, K. Ahmed, and S.S. Vasu
"New insights into the shock tube ignition of H2/O2 at low to moderate temperatures using high-speed end-wall imaging"
Combustion and Flame, 187, pp. 11-21
L. Nash, J. Klettlinger, and S.S. Vasu
"Ellipsometric measurements of the thermal stability of alternative fuels"
Journal of Energy Resource Technology, 139(6), 062207

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