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Zheyuan Zhu

Zheyuan Zhu

Optics Ph.D.

Optical Imaging System Laboratory



4074080413 (Mobile)
4078236804 (Office)


CREOL 235 (Office)
CREOL 251 (Lab)
CREOL 242A (Lab)



I received my bachelor degree in physics from Nanjing University, China with a focus on Optoelectronics Technology academic track. My research interest includes developing novel imaging platforms with superior performance on resolution, contrast, sensitivity, 3D capability etc., and seeking their potential applications in medical diagnosis or industry.


I enjoy assembling, diagnosing or repairing devices from as small as radios to as complicated as vehicles and computers. Come to see me in CREOL 235 if you are struggling with any optical, mechanical or electrical problems or have some exciting ideas on extracurricular projects (take-home projects) to share. I am more than willing to offer my help.



Recent Publications

Z. Zhu and S. Pang
"Three-dimensional reciprocal space X-ray coherent scattering tomography of two-dimensional object"
to appear in Medical Physics
J. Zhao, J.E. Antonio-Lopez, Z. Zhu, D. Zheng, S. Pang, R. Amezcua-Correa and A. Sch├╝lzgen
"Image Transport Through Meter-Long Randomly Disordered Silica-Air Optical Fiber"
Scientific Reports, 8, 3065
Z. Zhu, A. Katsevich, A. J. Kapadia, J.A. Greenberg and S. Pang
"X-ray diffraction tomography with limited projection information"
Scientific Reports, 8, 522 (2018)
G.G. Liu, Y.H. Lee, Y. Huang, Z. Zhu, G.J. Tan, M.Q. Cai, P.P. Li, D. Wang, Y.N. Li, S. Pang, C.H. Tu, S.T. Wu and H.T. Wang
"Dielectric broadband meta-vector-polarizers based on nematic liquid crystal"
APL Photonics, 2(12), 126102
S. Pang and Z. Zhu
"Interior tomographic imaging for x-ray coherent scattering"
Anomaly Detection and Imaging with X-Rays (ADIX) II, Proceedings of SPIE, 10187
Z. Zhu and S. Pang
"X-ray coherent scattering tomography of textured material"
Anomaly Detection and Imaging with X-Rays (ADIX) II, Proceedings of SPIE, 10187
Z. Zhu and S. Pang
"Full three-dimensional direction-dependent X-ray scattering tomography"
Medical Imaging 2017: Physics of Medical Imaging, Proceedings of SPIE, 10132
S. Pang, Z. Zhu, G. Wang, and W. Cong
"Small-angle scatter tomography with a photon-counting detector array"
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 61(10), pp.3734-3748


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