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Xiaoming Ren

Xiaoming Ren

Post-Doctoral Associate

Florida Attosecond Science and Technology





Recent Publications

Y. Wang, T. Guo, J. Li, J. Zhao, Y. Yin, X. Ren, J. Li, Yi Wu, M. Weidman, Z. Chang, M. F. Jager, C. J. Kaplan, R. Geneaux, C. Ott, D. M. Neumark and S. R. Leone
"Enhanced high-order harmonic generation driven by a wavefront corrected high-energy laser"
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 51(13), 134005
X. Ren, L. H. Mach, Y. Yin, Y. Wang, Z. Chang
"Generation of 1 kHz, 2.3 mJ, 88 fs, 2.5 µm pulses from a Cr2+:ZnSe chirped pulse amplifier"
Optics Letters, 43, pp. 3381
Lam H Mach, Xiaoming Ren, Yanchun Yin, Yang Wang, Zenghu Chang
"Generation of 1 mJ, 85 fs, 2.5 µm Pulses from a Cr2+: ZnSe Chirped Pulse Amplifier"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest, paper SF1N.1
D. Wilson, X. Ren, S. Zigo, F. Légaré, and C. Trallero-Herrero
"Simultaneous few-cycle pulse generation of the depleted pump and signal from an optical parametric amplifier"
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 35(4), pp. A45-A48
Chew, A., Douguet, N., Cariker, C., Li, J., Lindroth, E., Ren, X., Yin, Y., Argenti, L., Hill, W., and Chang, Z.
"Attosecond transient absorption spectrum of argon at the L-2,L-3 edge"
Physical Review A, 97(3), 031407
X. Ren, J. Li, Y. Yin, K. Zhao, A. Chew, Y. Wang, S. Hu, Y. Cheng, E. Cunningham, Y. Wu, M. Chini and Z. Chang
"Attosecond light sources in the water window"
Journal of Optics 20, 023001
Y. Yin, Xiaoming Ren, Y. Wang, F. Zhuang, J. Li, and Z. Chang
"Generation of high-energy narrowband 2.05 µm pulses for seeding a Ho:YLF laser"
Photonics Research, 6(1), pp. 1-5
Y. Yin, X. Ren, A. Chew, J. Li, Y. Wang, F. Zhuang, Y. Wu, and Z. Chang
"Generation of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses from cascaded second-order nonlinear processes in a single crystal "
Scientific Reports, 7, 11097
Y.S. You, Y. Yin, Yi Wu, A. Chew, X. Ren, F. Zhuang, S. Gholam-Mirzaei, M. Chini, Z. Chang and S. Ghimire
"High-harmonic generation in amorphous solids"
Nature Communications, 8, 724
J. Li, X. Ren, Y. Yin, K. Zhao, A. Chew, Y. Cheng, E. Cunningham, Y. Wang, S. Hu, Y. Wu, M. Chini and Z. Chang
"53-attosecond X-ray pulses reach the carbon K-edge"
Nature Communications, 8

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