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Fangwang Gou

Fangwang Gou

Optics Ph.D.

Liquid Crystal Displays





Recent Publications

G-G. Liu, K. Wang, Y-H Lee, D. Wang, P.P. Li, F. Gou, Y. Li, C. Tu, S.T. Wu, and H.T. Wang
"Measurement of the topological charge and index of vortex vector optical fields with a space-variant half-wave plate"
Optics Letters, 43(4), pp. 823-826
Z. He, Y. H. Lee, F. Gou, D. Franklin, D. Chanda, and S.T. Wu
"Polarization-independent phase modulators enabled by two-photon polymerization"
Optics Express 25(26), 33688-33694
G. Tan, Y.H. Lee, F. Gou, H. Chen, Y. Huang, Y.F. Lan, C.Y. Tsai, and S.T. Wu
"Review on polymer-stabilized short-pitch cholesteric liquid crystal displays"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50, 493001 (Review paper)
Y.H. Lee, D. Franklin, F.W. Gou, G.G. Liu, F.L. Peng, D. Chanda, and S.T. Wu
"Two-photon polymerization enabled multi-layer liquid crystal phase modulator"
Scientific Reports, 7, 16260
F. Gou, F. Peng, Q. Ru, Y.-H. Lee, H. Chen, Z. He, T. Zhan, K.L. Vodopyanov, and S.T. Wu
"Mid-wave infrared beam steering based on high-efficiency liquid crystal diffractive waveplates"
Optics Express, 25(19), pp. 22404-22410
F.L. Peng, H.W. Chen, F.W. Gou, and S.T. Wu
"High performance LCDs with CRT-like motion picture response time"
Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays, 32(8), 581-589
Y.H. Lee, G. Tan, T. Zhan, Y. Weng, G. Liu, F. Gou, F. Peng, N.V. Tabiryan, S. Gauza, and S.T. Wu
"Recent progress in Pancharatnam-Berry phase optical elements and the applications for virtual/augmented realities"
Optical Data Processing and Storage 3, 79-88 (Review paper)
G.J. Tan, Y.H. Lee, F. Gou, M. Hu, Y.F. Lan, C.Y. Tsai, and S.T. Wu
"Macroscopic model for analyzing the electro-optics of uniform lying helix cholesteric liquid crystals"
Journal Applied Physics, 121(17), 173102
F. Gou, H. Chen, M.C. Li, S. L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Submillisecond-response liquid crystal for high-resolution virtual reality displays"
Optical Express 25(7), 7984-7997
H. Chen, F. Peng, F. Gou, M. Wand, and S.T. Wu
"Fast-response LCDs for virtual reality applications"
Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XII, Pro. of SPIE, 10125


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