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Cesar Blanco

Cesar Blanco

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Glass Processing and Characterization Lab






Recent Publications

A. Yadav, A. Buff, M. Kang, L. Sisken, C. Smith, J. Lonergan, C. Blanco, M. Antia, M. Driggers, A. Kirk, C. Rivero-Baleine, T. Mayer, A. Swisher, A. Pogrebnyakov, AR Hilton Jr., G. Whaley, T. J. Loretz, A. Yee, G. Schmidt, D. T. Moore and K. Richardson
"Melt property variation in GeSe2-As2Se3-PbSe glass ceramics for infrared gradient refractive index (GRIN) applications"
International Journal of Applied Glass Science, 10(1), pp. 27-40
M. Kang, L. Sisken, J. Cook, C. Blanco, M. C. Richardson, I. Mingareev, and K. Richardson
"Refractive Index Patterning of Infrared Glass Ceramics through Laser-Induced Vitrification"
Optical Materials Express, 8(9), pp. 2722-2733
Y. Zhang, J. B. Chou, Q. Zhang, J. Li, H. Li, Q. Du, A. Yadav, M. Kang, C. Blanco, H. Zhong, M. Shalaginov, J. Grossman, R. Soref, V. Liberman, K. Richardson, J. Hu, and T. Gu
"Reconfigurable photonics enabled by optical phase change materials"
Photonics Europe 2018
A.Yadav, M. Kang, C. Smith, J. Lonergan, A. Buff, L. Sisken, K. Chamma, C. Blanco, J. Caraccio, T. Mayer, C. Rivero-Baleine, and K.A. Richardson
"Influence of phase-separation on structure-property relationships in the (GeSe2-3As2Se3)1-xPbSex glass system"
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses - European Journal Glass Science Technology Part B, 58(4), pp. 115-126

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