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Ngwe Zin

Ngwe Zin

Research Scientist

Nanophotonics Device





Awards & Honors

2017 Renewable Energy Efficiency Technologies Grant, Florida Office of Energy, PI, $762,681
2017 ACAP Collaboration Round 3 Grant, Co-PI, $70,666
2016 ACAP Collaboration Round 2 Grant (Co-PI), $50,000
2014 Early Career Vice Chancellor Travel Grant, $2,500
2013 ARENA Postdoctoral Fellowship (PI), $415,969
2010 Vice Chancellor Travel Grants, $1,500
2009 Vice Chancellor Travel Grants, $1,500
2008 Nano E3 Travel Grant, $500
2008 Vice Chancellor Travel Grants, $1,500
2007 Commonwealth Government's PhD Scholarship, $76,218
2007 ANU PhD Scholarship and Stipends, $11,5499
2001 Certificate of Merit for Diploma in ECE
2001 TECH Semiconductor Singapore Award, $500
2000 Best Performance Award in Wafer Fabrication Technology II, $200
1999 Best Performance Award in Manufacturing Technology and Quality Studies, $200
1998 Singapore Governement Awarded Tuition Grant for Diploma Study at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, $52,500

Recent Publications

N. Zin, K. McIntosh, S. Bakhshi, A. Vázquez-Guardado, T. Kho, K. Fong, M. Stocks, E. Franklin, and A. Blakers
"Polyimide for silicon solar cells with double-sided textured pyramids"
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
K.R. McIntosh, N. Zin, H.T. Nguyen, M. Stocks, E. Franklin, K.C. Fong, T.C. Kho, T.K. Chong, E.-C. Wang, T. Ratcliff, D. Macdonald, and A.W. Blakers
"Optical evaluation of silicon wafers with rounded rear pyramids"
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 7(6), pp. 1596-1602
N. Zin
"Recombination-free reactive ion etch for high efficiency silicon solar cells"
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 172, pp. 55-58
A. Blakers and N. Zin
"Silicon solar cell device structures"
Photovoltaic Solar Energy: From Fundamentals to Applications, pp. 80
N. Zin, K. McIntosh, T. Kho, E. Franklin, K. Fong, M. Stocks, E.C. Wang, T. Ratcliff, and A. Blakers
"Rounded rear pyramidal texture for high efficiency silicon solar cells"
43rd IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, Portland, OR, June
K. Fong, K. Teng, T. Ratcliff, E. Franklin, N. Zin, A. Blakers, K. McIntosh, A. Fell, J. Bullock
"Contact Resistivity of Evaporated Al Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells"
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 5 (5), 1304-1309
E. Franklin, K. Fong, K. McIntosh, A. Fell, A. Blakers, K. Teng, D. Walter, D. Wang, N. Zin, M. Stocks, E. Wang, N. Grant, Y. Wan, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, Z. Feng, P. Verlinden
"Design, fabrication and characterization of a 24.4% efficient interdigitated back contact solar cell"
Progress in Photovoltaic: Research and Applications
N. Zin, A. Blakers, E. Franklin, K. Fong, T. Kho, C. Barugkin, E. Wang
"Etch-Back Simplifies Interdigitated Back Contact Solar Cells"
40th IEEE PVSC, Denver, June 2014
C. Barugkin, N. Zin, K. Catchpole
"Photoluminescence Enhancement towards High Efficiency Plasmonic Solar Cells"
39th IEEE PVSC, Austin
N. Zin, A. Blakers, K. McIntosh, E. Franklin, T. Kho, K. Fong, J. Wong, T. Mueller, A. G. Aberle, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, Z. Feng, Q. Huang and P. Verlinden
"Continued Development of ABC Silicon Solar Cells at ANU"
Energy Procedia 33 (2013) 50-63

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