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Dr. David J. Hagan

Dr. David J. Hagan

Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Pegasus Professor of Optics & Photonics, Physics

Nonlinear Optics

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David Hagan received his PhD degree in Physics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland In 1985. He is a Professor of Optics and Photonics and Associate Dean for Academic Programs of the College of Optics and Photonics. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Optical Materials Express, and is currently Executive Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Optics Letters.  His current research interests include techniques for nonlinear optical materials characterization, optical power limiting and switching, and methods for enhancement of optical nonlinearities.

Dr. Hagan's Resarcher ID is  H-2204-2011

Awards & Honors

International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) Fellow
Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow
2017 Pegasus Professor
2012 Research Incentive Award (RIA)
2010 College of Optics & Photonics Excellence in Research Award
2007 Office of Research & Commercialization Millionaire's Club
2004 Research Incentive Award (RIA)
2001 Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award
1995 Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award

Recent Publications

Sepehr Benis, David Hagan, Eric Van Stryland
"Ultrafast dynamics and spectral dependence of optical nonlinearities in doped semiconductors at Epsilon-Near-Zero"
Metamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems 2018, part of SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering, SPIE San Diego, August 19-23, 2018.
Sepehr Benis, David Hagan, Eric Van Stryland
"Enhancement Mechanism of Nonlinear Optical Response of Transparent Conductive Oxides at Epsilon-Near-Zero"
CLEO, San Jose, California, May 13-18, 2018.
P. Zhao, M. Reichert, S. Benis, D. J. Hagan, and E. W. Van Stryland
"Temporal and polarization dependence of the nonlinear optical response of solvents"
Optica, 5, 583-594
Joel Hales, San-Hui Chi, Taylor Allen, Sepehr Benis, Natalia Munera, Joseph Perry, Dale McMorrow, David Hagan, Eric Van Stryland
"Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Coefficients of Si and GaAs in the Near-Infrared Spectral Region"
CLEO, San Jose, California, May 13-18, 2018.
I. Davydenko, S. Benis, S.B. Shiring, J. Simon, R. Sharma, T.G. Allen, S.H. Chi, Q. Zhang, Y.A. Getmanenko, T.C. Parker, J.W. Perry, J.L. BreĀ“das, D.J. Hagan, E.W. Van Stryland, S. Barlow, and S.R. Marder
"Effects of meso-M (PPh 3) 2 Cl (M= Pd, Ni) substituents on the linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of chalcogenopyrylium-terminated heptamethines in solution and solid states"
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2018, Advance Article
A. Ardizzone, S. Kurhuzenkau, S. Illa-Tuset, J. Faraudo, M. Bondar, D. Hagan, E. W. Van Stryland, A. Painelli, C. Sissa, N. Feiner, L. Albertazzi, J. Veciana, N. Ventosa
"Nanostructuring Lipophilic Dyes in Water Using Stable Vesicles, Quatsomes, as Scaffolds and Their Use as Probes for Bioimaging"
Small, 14(16)
Zhao, P., Tofighi, S., O'Donnell, R. M., Shi, J., Bondar, M.V., Hagan, D.J., and Van Stryland, E. W.
"Dual Emissive Multinuclear Iridium(III) Complexes in Solutions: Linear Photophysical Properties, Two-Photon Absorption Spectra, and Photostability"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(12), pp. 6786-6793
T. Liu, X. Liu, W. Wang, Z. Luo, M. Liu, S. Zou, C. Sissa, A. Painelli, Y. Zhang, M. Vengris, M. V. Bondar, D. J. Hagan, E. W. Van Stryland, Y. Fang, and K. D. Belfield
"Systematic Molecular Engineering of a Series of Aniline-Based Squaraine Dyes and Their Structure-Related Properties"
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(7), pp. 3994-4008
Peng Zhao ; David J. Hagan ; Eric W. Van Stryland
"Dispersion of extremely nondegenerate nonlinearities in semiconductors"
Page(s):711 - 7122017 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), Orlando, Fl Oct. 1-5, 2017.
Siarhei A. Kurhuzenkau, Maria Yezabel Colon Gomez, Kevin D. Belfield, Yevgeniy O. Shaydyuk, David J. Hagan, Eric W. Van Stryland, Cristina Sissa, Mykhailo V. Bondar, and Anna Painelli
"Electronic nature of nonlinear optical properties of a symmetrical two-photon absorbing fluorene derivative: experimental study and theoretical modeling"
Journal of Physical Chemistry


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