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Dr.  Boris Y. Zeldovich

Dr. Boris Y. Zeldovich





Boris Zeldovich received his Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences degree from the Lebedev Physics Institute in Moscow, Russia and is currently a Professor of Physics at UCF. He predicted and discovered, experimentally, the giant optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals, which is 1010 times stronger than for usual media and is the co-discoverer of optical phase conjugation. He is currently pursuing both theoretical and experimental research programs on wave propagation in multimode optical waveguides and irregularly inhomogeneous media using the methods of nonlinear optics and dynamic holography for the processing of images transmitted through those media. He is a Member of the Russian Academy of Science.

Awards & Honors

Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow
2014 20-Years Service
1997 OSA Max Born Award in Physical Optics
1987 Elected Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences
1983 USSR State Prize

Recent Publications

S. Mokhov, D. Ott, V. Smirnov, I. Divliansky, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Moiré apodized reflective volume Bragg grating"
Optical Engineering, 57(3), 037106
Sergiy Mokhov, Daniel Ott, Vadim Smirnov, Ivan Divliansky, Boris Zeldovich, and Leonid Glebov
"Moiré apodized reflective volume Bragg grating"
Optical Engineering 57 (3), 037106, 1-7
S. Mokhov, A. Spiro, V. Smirnov, S. Kaim, B.Y. Zeldovich, and L.B. Glebov
"Stretching of picosecond laser pulses with uniform reflecting volume Bragg gratings"
Laser Physics, 27(8), 085002
L.B. Glebov, J. Lumeau, S. Mokhov, V.I. Smirnov, and B.Y. Zeldovich
"Volume Moiré Bragg gratings in a photosensitive material"
Patent #9,696,476
B.Y. Zeldovich
"Impedance and canonical variables for the oscillators with "magnetic-type" forces"
Theoretical Physics (accepted for publication)
Boris Y. Zeldovich, Bahaa E. Saleh
"Frontiers in Optics, 2016, Rochester. paper FW2C.2 Tomographic Coaxial Scanning Microscopy Using a Conical Lens (Axicon)  "
Frontiers in Optics, 2016, Rochester. paper FW2C.2 B. Zeldovich, B. E. Saleh
N.V. Tabiryan, S.V. Serak, S.R. Nersisyan, D.E. Roberts, B.Y. Zeldovich, D.M. Steeves, and B.R. Kimball
"Broadband waveplate lenses"
Optics Express 24(7), pp.7091-7102
S. Mokhov, I. Divliansky, L. Glebov, B. Zeldovich.
"Beam Reflection by Transversely Chirped Volume Bragg Grating"
Frontiers in Optics 2015 San Jose, Talk FTh2C.3
S. Kaim, V. Smirnov, B. Zeldovich, L. Glebov.
"Chirped Bragg Grating for Beam Combining and Moiré Spectral Filtering"
Frontiers in Optics 2015 San Jose Talk FTh2C_2
N. Baranova, B. Zeldovich
"EM Wave Propagation in a Medium with Anisotropic Dielectric and Magnetic Tensors"
Frontiers in Optics 2015 San Jose Talk FTh1A.6


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