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Dr.  Shin-Tson Wu

Dr. Shin-Tson Wu

Pegasus Professor of Optics & Photonics

Liquid Crystal Displays



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Prior to joining UCF in 2001, Dr. Wu was with Hughes Research Laboratories (Malibu, California) where the first laser was invented. He received his Ph.D. in Laser Physics from University of Southern California (Los Angeles), and BS in Physics from National Taiwan University (Taipei). His research at UCF focuses in five areas: 1. Advanced displays, including quantum dots and sunlight readable LCDs and OLEDs, 2. Wearable displays including augmented reality and virtual reality, 3. Adaptive lenses, 4. Spatial light modulators, and 5. New photonic materials.

Dr. Wu is a Charter Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (2012) and one of the first six inductees of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame (2014).  He is the recipient of 2014 OSA Esther Hoffman Beller Medal, 2011 SID Slottow-Owaki Prize, 2010 OSA Joseph Fraunhofer Award, 2008 SPIE G. G. Stokes Award and 2008 SID Jan Rajchman Prize. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, OSA, SID, and SPIE. He was the founding chief editor of the IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, OSA publications council chair and board member, and presently he is SID Honors and Awards committee chair. 

Dr. Wu has co-authored 7 books, over 530 journal papers, and obtained 87 US patents. Several of his patents have been implemented in display and photonic devices.

Awards & Honors

International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) Fellow
IEEE Photonics Society Fellow
Society for Information Display (SID) Fellow
Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow
2018 Two students Juan He and Guanjun Tan won SPIE education scholarships
2018 My student Juan He won CREOL IA Day best poster paper award
2018 My student Juan He won DOE distinguished poster paper award
2018 Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award
2016 Research Incentive Award (College Level)
2016 Excellence in Research Award
2016 Associate editor IEEE Photonics Journal
2016 Chair, SID Honors and Awards Committee
2015 Editorial Board, Liquid Crystals Journal
2014 OSA Esther Hoffman Beller Medal
2014 Florida Inventors Hall of Fame
2014 Esther Hoffman Beller Medal
2013 OSA Board of Directors (2013 - 2014)
2012 National Academy of Inventors Fellow
2011 SID Slottow-Owaki Prize
2011 Excellence in Research Award
2011 Research Incentive Award (RIA)
2010 OSA Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize
2010 Pegasus Professor
2008 SID Jan Rajchman Prize
2008 SPIE G. G. Stokes Award
2006 University Distinguished Researcher for 2006
2004 Editor-in-Chief IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology
2003 IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award
2000 SID Special Recognition Award
1997 ERSO (Taiwan) Special Achievement Award
1991 Hughes Annual Best Paper Award
1991 Hughes Team Achievement Award

Recent Publications

T. Zhan, J. Xiong, YH. Lee, ST. Wu
"Polarization-independent Pancharatnam-Berry phase lens system"
Optics Express, 26(26), pp. 35026-35033
G. Tan, T. Zhan, Y.H. Lee, J. Xiong, and S.T. Wu
"Polarization-multiplexed multiplane display"
Optics Letters, 43(22), pp. 5651-5654
F. Gou, R. Chen, M. Hu, J. Li, J. Li, Z. An, and ST Wu
"Submillisecond-response polymer network liquid crystals for mid-infrared applications"
Optics Express, 26(23), pp. 29735-29743
L. Li, J. H. Wang, Q. H. Wang, and S. T. Wu
"Displaceable and focus-tunable electrowetting optofluidic lens"
Optics Express, 26(20), pp. 25839-25848
Yun-Han Lee
"Liquid Crystal Phase Modulation for Beam Steering and Near-Eye Displays"
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida Orlando
ZQ. He, YH. Lee, R. Chen, D. Chanda, and ST. Wu
"Switchable Pancharatnam-Berry microlens array with nano-imprinted liquid crystal alignment"
Optics Letters, 43(20), pp. 5062-5065
G. J. Tan, Y. H. Lee, T. Zhao, J. L. Yang, S. Liu, D. F. Zhao, and S. T. Wu.
"Foveated imaging for near-eye displays"
Optics Express, 26(19), pp. 25076-25085
J. He, A. Towers, YA. Wang, PS. Yuan, Z. Jiang, JS. Chen, AJ. Gesquire, ST. Wu, YJ. Dong
"In situ synthesis and macroscale alignment of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanorods in a polymer matrix"
Nanoscale, 10(33) pp. 15436-15441
Z. He, Y. Lee, D. Chanda, and S. Wu
"Adaptive liquid crystal microlens array enabled by two-photon polymerization"
Optics Express, 26(16), pp. 21184-21193
HW. Ren & ST. Wu
"Adaptive Lenses Based on Soft Electroactive Materials"
Applied Sciences-Basel, 8(7). 1085


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