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Dr. Larry C. Andrews

Dr. Larry C. Andrews

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Wave Propagation Research Group

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Recent Publications

M. Beason, J. Coffaro, C. Smith, J. Spychalsky, S. Belichki, F. Titus, F. Sanzone, B. Berry, R. Crabbs, L. Andrews, and R. Phillips
"Evolution of near-ground optical turbulence over concrete runway throughout multiple days in summer and winter"
Journal of the Optical Society of America A-Optics Image Science and Vision, 35(8), pp. 1393-1400
M. Beason, L.C. Andrews, and R.L. Phillips
"Study on the effect of anisotropy on a propagating beam"
Laser Communication and Propagation Through the Atmosphere and Oceans VI, Proceedings of SPIE, 10408
Al-Habash, M. A.; Andrews, L. C.; Phillips, R. L.
"Mathematical model for the irradiance probability density function of a laser beam propagating through turbulent media"
Optical Engineering. 40(8) 1554-1562
Andrews, L. C.; Phillips, R. L.; Hopen, C. Y.
"Scintillation model for a satellite communication link at large zenith angles"
Optical Engineering. 39(12) 3272-3280
A.R. Weeks, J. Xu, R.R. Phillips, L.C. Andrews, C. M. Stickley, G. Sellar, J. S. Stryjewski, and J.E. Harvey
"Experimental Verification and Theory for an Eight-element Multiple-aperture Equal-gain Coherent Laser Receiver for Laser Communications"
Appl. Opt. 37, 4782-4788
Deborah Kelly Tjin
"Temporal propagation characteristics of ultrashort space-time gaussian pulses in laser satellite communication system"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics

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