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Dr. Florencio Eloy Hernandez

Dr. Florencio Eloy Hernandez

Professor of Chemistry, and Optics & Photonics

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Recent Publications

Y. Vesga, C. Diaz, J. Crassous, and F. E. Hernandez
"Two-Photon Absorption and Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of a Hexahelicene Derivative with a Terminal Donor-Phenyl-Acceptor Motif"
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122(13), pp. 3365-3373
J.E. Arias, E. Romero, F.E. Hernandez, and K.Y. Chumbimuni-Torres
"Computational Characterization of Metastable-state Photoacids"
PITTCON, (Orlando, USA)
E.E. Romero and F.E.Hernandez
"Solvent effect on the intermolecular proton transfer of the Watson and Crick guanine-cytosine and adenine-thymine base pairs: a polarizable continuum model study"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(2), pp. 1198-1209
E. Romero, J. Dipold, F.E. Hernandez
"Synchronized double pump-probe technique for polarization dependent time-resolved chiral spectroscopy"
IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), Orlando, FL
Y. Vesga and F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism of (L)-tryptophan in the near to far UV region"
Chemical Physics Letters, 684, pp. 67-71
H.E. Williams, C. Diaz, G. Padilla, F.E. Hernandez, and S.M. Kuebler
"Order of multiphoton excitation of sulfonium photo-acid generators used in photoresists based on SU-8"
Journal of Applied Physics, 121(22), 223104
J. Donnelly, S. Castillo, W. Chemnasiri, and F.E. Hernandez
"Determination of the overall antioxidant strength of teas combining metal nanoparticles, plasmonics, and fluorescence: Designing new experiments for the physical chemistry laboratory"
253rd ACS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California
F.E. Hernandez, L. De Boni, C. Toro, N. Lin, C. Diaz, L. Echevarria, Y. Vesga, R. Passier, F. Santoro, I.G. Stará, I. Star, E. Anger, C. Shen, M. El Sayed Moussa, N. Vanthuyne, J. Crassous, and A. Rizzo
"Pushing the limits of polarization dependence nonlinear spectroscopy “from the theoretical predictions to the experimental demonstration of two-photon circular dichroism: “uncovering an esoteric nonlinear optical property of chiral molecules"
Universidad de Pisa (Pisa, Italy)
J. Donnelly and F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption spectroscopy on curcumin in solution: A state-of-the-art physical chemistry experiment"
253rd ACS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California
F.E. Hernandez
"Exploring new opportunities in academia: serving the scientific community and creating an impact in the future of science and technology in usa and beyond"
NSF, Washington DC

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