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Ying Chen

Ying Chen

Lasers, Spectroscopy and Modeling

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Recent Publications

G. Turri, S. Webster, Y. Chen, B. Wickham, A. Bennett, and M. Bass
"Index of refraction from the near-ultraviolet to the near-infrared from a single crystal microwave-assisted CVD diamond"
Optical Materials Express, 7(3) pp. 855-859
Y. Chen, S. Webster, B. Wickham, A. Bennett, M. Bass
"Surface losses in the visible governed by Rayleigh scattering in synthetic diamonds"
Optical Materials Express 5(11), pp.2443-2447
S. Webster, Y. Chen, G. Turri, A. Bennett, B. Wickham, M. Bass
"Intrinsic and extrinsic absorption of chemical vapor deposition single-crystal diamond from the middle ultraviolet to the far infrared"
Journal Of The Optical Society Of America B-Optical Physics 32(3), pp.479-484
X. Wang, Y. Chen, W. Hageman, G. Ug Kim, M. C. Richardson, C. Xiong, J. Ballato, and M. Bass
"Transverse mode competition in gain-guided index antiguided fiber lasers"
Journal Of The Optical Society Of America B-Optical Physics 29(2), pp.191-196
Robert Sims, Vikas Sudesh , Timothy McComb , Ying Chen, Michael Bass, Martin Richardson, Andrew James, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman
"Diode-Pumped Very Large Core, Gain Guided, Index Antiguided Single Mode Fiber Laser"
OSA Conference on Advanced Solid State Lasers (Denver, CO, USA) 1-4 February 2009
Vikas Sudesh , Timothy S. McComb, Ying Chen, Michael Bass, Martin C. Richardson, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman,
"Diode-pumped 200 µm diameter core gain-guided, index-antiguided single mode fiber laser"
Applied Physics B, volume 90, pages 369-372. Femtosecond laser photo-response of Ge_{23}Sb_{7}S_{70} films
Vikas Sudesh, Timothy McComb, Ying Chen, Michael Bass, Martin Richardson, John Ballato and Anthony E. Siegman
"Gain-Guided Single Mode Laser Action in a Diode-Pumped 200 µm Index Anti-Guided Fiber"
Applied Physics B
Timothy McComb , Vikas Sudesh , Ying Chen, Michael Bass, Martin Richardson, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman
"Single Mode Lasing in Gain-Guided Index Anti-Guided Diode End Pumped Fiber"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (San Jose, CA, USA) 8 May 2008
J. A. Simmons, Y. Chen, M. Bass
"Calculation of Depolarization Loss in Ceramic Crystal Laser Media"
IEEE J. of Quantum Electronics
Ying Chen, Vikas Sudesh , Timothy McComb , Martin Richardson, Michael Bass, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman
"Experimental Demonstration of Gain Guided Lasing in an Index Anti Guided Fiber"
Proceedings on Advanced Solid State Lasers2007

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