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Dr. Umar Piracha

Dr. Umar Piracha

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Dr. Piracha has over 10 years of research experience in optical sciences & engineering in academia and industry. He has proven expertise in the areas of fiber optics, laser radar, semiconductor device fabrication and characterization, chirped pulse applications, and ultrafast pulse shaping. Dr. Piracha was a CREOL Student of the Year finalist in 2012, and has won numerous awards including the UCF Innovator Award, the IEEE Outstanding Graduate Award, and a Plaque for Intel’s first continuous wave Silicon Raman Laser.  He has authored or co-authored more than 30 refereed journal and conference publications, 10 invention disclosures, and 4 patents (pending).

Awards & Honors

2016 SPIE Startup Challenge Semi-Finalist (Photonics West, 2016)
2015 IEEE Outstanding Entrepreneur Award (Orlando Section, 2015)
2012 UCF Innovator Award
2012 CREOL Student of the Year Finalist
2011 Travel grants (from IEEE Photonics Society, UCF, CREOL)
2011 IEEE Outstanding Engineering Graduate Student Award
2011 $1000 IEEE Scholarship (Orlando Section)
2011 Who's Who Among Students Scholarship
2010 Outstanding presentation award at CREOL Industrial Affiliates Day
2009 $2000 SPIE Scholarship in Optical Science and Engineering
2006 $1500 UCF Graduate Research Fellowship
2005 Plaque for Intel's first continuous wave Silicon Raman Laser

Recent Publications

A. Van Newkirk, J.E. Antonio-Lopez, G. Salceda-Delgado, M.U. Piracha, R. Amezcua-Correa, A. Schülzgen
"Multicore fiber sensors for simultaneous measurement of force and temperature"
Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE 27 (14), pp.1523-1526
D. Nguyen, M. U. Piracha, M. Bagnell and P. J. Delfyett
"High Power Pulse Generation in Fiber CPA System via Active Feedback Spectral Compensation"
IEEE Photonics Society Meeting
D. Nguyen, M. U. Piracha, M. Bagnell and P. J. Delfyett
"Real-time Spectral Filtering and Interferometric Spectral Phase Compensation in a Feedback Fiberized High Power Chirped Pulse Amplification System"
Frontiers in Optics, OSA, Orlando, FL
Dat Nguyen, Mohammad Umar Piracha, and Peter J. Delfyett
"Transform-limited pulses for chirped-pulse amplification systems utilizing an active feedback pulse shaping technique enabling five time increase in peak power"
Optics Letters 37(23), pp.4913-4915
S. Shabahang, M. P. Marquez, G. Tao, M. U. Piracha, D. Nguyen, P. J. Delfyett, and A. F. Abouraddy
"Octave-spanning infrared supercontinuum generation in robust chalcogenide nano-tapers using picosecond pulses"
Optics Letters 37, pp. 4639-4641
Mohammad Umar Piracha
"A Laser Radar Employing Linearly Chirped Pulses From a Mode-Locked Laser For Long Range, Unambiguous, Sub-Millimeter Resolution Ranging And Velocimetry"
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida Orlando
P. J. Delfyett, D. Mandridis, M. Piracha, D. Nguyen,
"Chirped pulse laser sources and applications"
Progress in Quantum Electronics, 36(4–6), pp. 475–540, July–November (INVITED REVIEW PAPER)
D. Nguyen, M. U. Piracha, and P. J. Delfyett
"Transform Limited Pulses for Chirped Pulse Amplification Systems Utilizing an Active Feedback Pulse Shaping Technique Enabling Five Times Increase in Peak Power"
Optics Letters, 37(23) pp. 4913-4915, DOI 10.1364/OL.37.004913
M. Piracha, D. Nguyen, I. Ozdur, and P. J. Delfyett
"Simultaneous ranging and velocimetry of fast moving targets using oppositely chirped pulses from a mode-locked laser"
Optics Express 19(12), pp.11213-11219
I. Ozdur, D. Mandridis, M. U. Piracha, M. Akbulut, N. Hoghooghi, and P. J. Delfyett
"Optical frequency stability measurement using an etalon based optoelectronic oscillator"
IEEE Photonics Technical Letters 23(4), pp. 263-265

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