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Dr. Kenneth Schepler

Dr. Kenneth Schepler

Research Professor

Laser Plasma Laboratory
Multi-material Optical Fiber Devices







Kenneth L. Schepler was born in Clinton, Iowa. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U S Air Force after receiving his BS in physics from Michigan State University in 1971. During an academic delay he earned masters and PhD degrees, also in physics, from The University of Michigan. During six years of active duty in the Air Force he investigated the bioeffects of laser radiation at the School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks AFB TX and evaluated test data at the Air Force Technical Applications Center, McClellan AFB CA. In 1981 he joined the Avionics Laboratory [now the Air Force Research Laboratory] at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and served there as a research physicist for over 32 years. He retired in January 2014 and is now a Research Professor (courtesy faculty) at CREOL.  His interests include solid state laser physics, laser materials spectroscopy, and nonlinear frequency conversion. Dr Schepler is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and a Fellow of the Air Force Research Lab.

Awards & Honors

Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow

Recent Publications

A. Rao, T. Sjaardema, G. Camacho-Gonzalez, A. Honardoost, M. Malinowski, K. Schepler, S. Fathpour,
"Random Quasi-Phase-Matching on a Nanophotonic Heterogeneous Silicon Chip"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (IEEE/OSA CLEO 2018), San Jose, CA, May 2018.
Kenneth L Schepler
"Infrared Transition Metal Solid-State Lasers"
Encyclopedia of Modern Optics 2nd edition, R. Guenther and D. Steel, eds. (Elsevier, 2018), pp. 435-445.
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A.E. Halawany, A. Riggins, S. McDaniel, G. Cook, D.V. Martyshkin, V.V. Fedorov, S.B. Mirov, L. Shah, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
"High power single-mode delivery of mid-infrared sources through chalcogenide fiber"
Optics Express, 26(6), pp 7313-7323
J. Cook, A. Sincore, F. Tan, A. El Halawany, A. Riggins, L. Shah, A. F. Abouraddy, M. Richardson, and K. L. Schepler
"Mid-Infrared Performance of Single Mode Chalcogenide Fibers"
SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A. Halawany, A. Riggins, S McDaniel, G. Cook, D V. Martyshkin, V.Fedorov, S. B. Mirov, L. Shah, A. Abouraddy, M. Richardson and K. Schepler
"High power transmission from 2.0-4.6 µm through single-mode chalcogenide fiber"
OSA Conference on Advanced Solid-State Lasers, Nagoya, Japan
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A. El Halawany, A. Riggins, L. Shah, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
"High power 2053 nm transmission through single-mode chalcogenide fiber"
OSA Laser Congress (ASSL, LAC), Nagoya, Japan, Atu5A.5
J.W. Evans, T.R. Harris, B. R. Reddy, K.L. Schepler, and P.A. Berry
"Optical spectroscopy and modeling of Fe2+ ions in zinc selenide"
Journal of Luminescence 188, pp. 541-550
S. Shabahang, F. A. Tan, J.D. Perlstein, G. Tao, O. Alvarez, F. Chenard, A. Sincore, L. Shah, M.C. Richardson, K.L. Schepler, and A.F. Abouraddy
"Robust multimaterial chalcogenide fibers produced by a hybrid fiber-fabrication process"
Optics Materials Express, 7(7), pp. 2336-2345
Y. Jeong, C. Krankel, A. Galvanauskas, K.L. Schepler, T. Taira, and S.B. Jiang
"Focus issue introduction: Advanced Solid-State Lasers (ASSL) 2016"
Optics Express, 25(8), pp. 8604-8610
K.L. Vodopyanov, K. Schepler
"Nonlinear frequency generation and conversion: materials, devices, and applications XVI"
Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications XV, Proceedings of SPIE, 10088


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