Giving to CREOL CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics

Nano-Optics Group

Director: Dr. Debashis Chanda
Thin-film solar cells, study of light-matter interactions in artificially structured metal/dielectric structures (metamaterials, plasmonic nanostructures), transformation optics for display/camouflage, printed optics/opto-electronics components, strong coupling between photonic and plasmonic resonances, biological/chemical sensors.


Dr. Debashis Chanda
Associate Professor, NSTC/CREOL
CREOL A310, NSTC 417


Abraham Vazquez-Guardado
Post Doctoral Assoc
NSTC 421
407 963 4904


Aritra Biswas
Optics Ph.D.
Javaneh Boroumand Azad
Physics Ph.D.
Daniel Franklin
Physics Ph.D.
Sushrut Modak
Optics Ph.D.
Alireza Safaei
Graduate Student
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