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Nanophotonics Systems Fabrication Facility

Shared Facilities

The main facilities of the College are housed in a state-of-the art 104,000 sq. ft. building dedicated to optics and photonics research and education.

Nanophotonics Systems Fabrication Facilities A 3,000 ft2 multi-user facility containing Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms and a Leica 5000+ e-beam lithography instrument capable of 10-nm resolution. These facilities are used for fabrication and study of nanostructured materials and nanophotonic integrated circuits. The Laboratory is designed and operated as a multi-user facility, with availability to companies and other outside users. Room 180. For available equipment and usage fees, see the information page or contact James Ross.

Leica EBPG5000+ electron beam lithography system is capable of running at 20, 50 and 100 kV, with a minimum spot size of less than 10nm. The main exposure field size may range between 160um X 160um and 1mm X 1mm with a stitching value of less than 50nm. Electron-beam lithography can be performed on a variety of substrate sizes, including five inch masks, three and four inch wafers, and small pieces. A multi-substrate load lock is used to aid in the sequential processing of multiple jobs. Contact Dr. Ivan Divliansky.

Optoelectronic Fabrication Cleanroom. 800 ft2 multiuser facility consisting of class 100 and class 10,000 cleanrooms. Used in the development of optoelectronic semiconductor devices. The facility equipment includes a Suss MJB-3 aligner, a Plasma-Therm 790 RIE/ PECVD, an Edwards thermal evaporator, along with a bonder, a scriber and microscope. Room 211. For more information contact Prof. Patrick LiKamWa.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Facility. The Vega SBH SEM built by Tescan is a tungsten-filament scanning electron microscope. The system is designed with a fully electronic column and is capable of imaging from 1-30 keV with nanometer scale resolution. Additionally, the system is equipped with the state of the art sample positioning stage with 5 nm resolution and a full scale travel of 42 mm. The shared SEM is ideal for checking the fidelity of microstructures fabricated routinely in the CREOL cleanroom. Room 176. For more information contact Prof. Masahiro Ishigami.

Cary Spectra-Photometer and Microscope.. This facility contains a Varian Cary 500 Spectrophotometer capable of measuring light absorption in both transmitted and reflected light in the UV/VIS/NIR spectral range and an Olympus Nomarski Interference Microscope. Roomm 159. For more information contact James Ross.

Zygo Facility. The Zygo NewView 6300 scanning white light and optical phase-shifting Interferometer is capable of surface profile measurements with a height resolution of 0.1 nm and a lateral resolution down to 0.45 μm. Room 211B. For more information consult the specifications. Contact: Prof. Martin Richardson.

Machine Shop. The CREOL machine shop has two modern Sharp LMV milling machines and a 16-50G lathe capable of achieving the tolerances required for the instruments used in CREOL. Classes are offered to qualify research scientists and students to safely modify and construct instruments critical to their research. Room A106. Contact: Richard Zotti.

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