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Diffractive and Holographic Optics Lab: Conducting rigorous analysis, design, and demonstration of diffractive and holographic optical elements, subwavelength grating structures and their applications, E-M theory of grating diffraction, holographic optical information processing and storage, volume holography. Leonid Glebov

Fiber Optics Lab: Research in optical fiber applications and devices, fiber lasers, fiber optic sensors, nonlinear fiber optics. Axel Schülzgen, Rodrigo Amezcua

Florida Attosecond Science and Technology Lab: Generation of attosecond (10-18 s) and zeptosecond (10-21 s) X-ray pulses. The Double Optical Gating method is refined to generate shorter and stronger single isolated attosecond pulses with both few-cycle and multicycle lasers. Zenghu Chang

Glass Processing and Characterization Lab: Research on the design, processing, manufacturing (including conventional and advanced hot forming fabrication methods) and characterization of novel optical glass, glass ceramic and ceramic materials for use in bulk, planar, and fiber applications. Compositional-tailoring for customized integration with multi-material components, platforms and applications. Kathleen Richardson

Integrated Photonics & Energy Solutions Lab: Specializing in fundamental and technological aspects of silicon-based optoelectronic devices and chips, including their energy efficiency issues. The lab encompasses near- and mid-infrared setups for characterizing the devices fabricated in CREOL’s Nano Fabrication Facility. Sasan Fathpour

Laser Advanced Material Processing (LAMP): Engaged in novel manufacturing technology; new materials synthesis including optical, electronic and magnetic materials for a variety of applications such as sensors, detectors and medical devices; and process physics modeling. Aravinda Kar

Laser Aided Materials Processing Lab: Investigating the interaction of lasers with absorbing and non-absorbing materials, growth, solidification, and plasma effects; laser CVD; laser ablation, laser drilling, cutting, welding; developing process-monitoring and diagnostic techniques. Stephen Kuebler (NPM) and Martin Richardson (LPL).

Laser System Development Lab: Developing new solid-state lasers, external cavity semiconductor lasers and amplifiers, seeding lasers, laser-induced damage, far infrared semiconductor lasers, high-average-power solid state lasers, semiconductor and solid state volume Bragg lasers, high power laser beam combining, ultra-high-intensity femtosecond lasers, new solid state lasers and materials development (crystals, glasses in bulk or fibers and ceramics). Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa, Michael Bass, Peter Delfyett, Romain Gaume, Leonid Glebov, Kathleen Richardson Martin Richardson, and Axel Schülzgen.

Liquid Crystal Display Lab: Investigating 1) advanced liquid crystal display materials, display devices, and device modeling, 2) electronic laser beam steering and adaptive optics using fast-response spatial light modulators, 3) adaptive liquid crystal and liquid lenses for forveated imaging and zoom lens, and 4) bio-inspired tunable optical filters using cholesteric liquid crystals. Shin-Tson Wu

Mid-infrared Frequency Combs Lab: Generation of ultra-broadband frequency combs in the mid-IR spectral range for laser spectroscopy, supercontinuum generation in optical fibers, standoff sensing and detection, nano-IR spectroscopy, photonic THz wave generation, and biomedical applications of lasers. Konstantin Vodopyanov

Multi-Material Optical Fiber Devices Lab: Research on novel optical fiber structures, nanophotonics, fiber-based optoelectronic devices, optical imaging using large-scale three-dimensional arrays constructed from photosensitive fibers, and mid-infrared fiber nonlinear optics. Ayman Abouraddy

Multiple Quantum Wells Lab: Research on the design, fabrication and testing of novel all-optical switching devices using III-V multiquantum well semiconductors, and the integration of high-speed optical and optoelectronic devices to form monolithic integrated optical circuits for high data throughput optical networks. Patrick LikamWa

Nanophotonics Characterization Lab: Optical analysis tools for investigation of nanostructured devices including near-field scanning optical microscope, fiber-coupled microscope for single particle spectroscopy, leakage radiation setup for surface plasmon imaging, near-infrared waveguide analysis setup, and variable temperature photoluminescence setup. Pieter Kik

Nanophotonic Devices Lab: Research in epitaxial growth and properties of oxide semiconductors, oxide and nitride-semiconductor light emitting diodes, self-assembled quantum dots, and e-beam nanolithography. Winston Schoenfeld

Nonlinear Waves Lab: Research in nonlinear optics, spatial and spatio-temporal solitons, discrete solitons in photonic lattices, and curved beams. Demetrios Christodoulides

Nonlinear Optics Lab: Development and application of new, powerful spectroscopic tools for the characterization of nonlinear optical properties of materials on the femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond time scales. Materials systems of interest include organic molecules and polymers, bulk and quantum-confined semiconductors and plasmonic complexes. Applications include all-optical switching, optical limiting, infrared detection and imaging. Eric Van Stryland and David Hagan

Northrup Grumman EUV Photonics Lab: Also referred to as the Laser Plasma Lab. Conducting research on X-ray and EUV optics and sources, X-ray microscopy, laser-aided material processing, and laser generated plasmas. Martin Richardson

Optical Fiber Fabrication Lab: Research in fiber fabrication and processing technology, nano-structured fibers, novel optical fiber materials, fused fiber device processing. Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa, and Axel Schülzgen.

Optical Glass Sciences & Photo-Induced Processing Lab: Conducting studies of new materials for high-efficiency, robust holographic optical elements; high power laser beam combining, glass spectroscopy, refractometry and interferometry; photo-induced processes in glasses; technology of optical quality and high-purity glasses. Leonid Glebov

Optical Ceramics Lab: Conducting research on the design, synthesis and characterization of transparent ceramics for laser, nuclear detector and energy harvesting applications. Powder processing, ceramic casting techniques, sintering, dopant engineering, diffusion bonding, optical spectroscopy, scintillation measurements, thermoelectric measurements. Romain Gaume

Optical Communication Lab: High-capacity optical communication through linear and nonlinear channels including free space and optical fiber using synergy of advanced optical and electronic techniques. Guifang Li

Plasmonics and Applied Quantum Optics Lab: Developing nanoscale emitters using metallic structures, study the dynamic response of nanoscale lasers. Generation and characterization of non-classical light. Mercedeh Khajavikhan

Photonics Diagnostic of Random Media: Exploring different principles for optical sensing, manipulation of electromagnetic fields, and phenomena specific to optical wave interactions with complex media. Aristide Dogariu

Quantum Optics Lab: Conducting research on the generation and detection of nonclassical light, such as entangled photons, and its quantum information applications, including quantum imaging and quantum communication. Bahaa Saleh, Ayman Abouraddy

Semiconductor Lasers Lab: A III-V epitaxial growth facility used to research new types of semiconductor heterostructures and devices that include quantum dots, quantum dot laser diodes, vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diodes, spontaneous light sources, and single quantum dots. A characterization laboratory is used to study the optical properties of the samples, including their light emission, microcavity effects, and laser diode characteristics. Dennis Deppe

Ultrafast Photonics Lab: Conducts research on the development, integration and application of semiconductor-based ultrafast laser sources and frequency combs, for uses in optical signal processing, laser radar, ultrabroad-band photonic networks, laser induced materials modification and metrology. Peter Delfyett

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