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Journal Papers (refereed)
M. Yang, L. Xu, J. Wang, HN. Liu, XY. Zhou, G. Li and L. Zhang
"An Octave-Spanning Optical Parametric Amplifier Based on a Low-Dispersion Silicon-Rich Nitride Waveguide"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
M. Zhang, HN. Liu, B. Wang, G. Li and L. Zhang
"Efficient Grating Couplers for Space Division Multiplexing Applications"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
A. Rao and S. Fathpour
"Heterogeneous Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics for Electrooptics and Nonlinear Optics"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(6), p. 8200912.
F. Kompan, I. Divliansky, V. Smirnov and L. Glebov
"Holographic lens for 532 nm in photo-thermo-refractive glass"
Optics and Laser Technology, 105, p. 246-267
KY. Han and T. Ha
"Measuring molecular mass with light"
Nature Photonics, 12, 380-381
A. Pogrebnyakov, J. P. Turpin, H. J. Shin, J. A. Bossard, C. Rivero-Baleine, N. Podraza, K. Richardson, D. H. Werner, T. S. Mayer
"Reconfigurable Near-IR Metamaterial Based on Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase-Change Material"
Optical Materials Express 8 (8) (2018) 2035-2263
S. Bakhshi, N. Zin, H. Ali, M. Wilson, D. Chanda, K. O. Davis, W. V. Schoenfeld
"Simple and versatile UV-ozone oxide for silicon solar cell applications"
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 185, pp. 505–510
A. Rao and S. Fathpour
"Compact lithium niobate electrooptic modulators"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(4), p. 3400114
Y. Wang, T. Guo, J. Li, J. Zhao, Y. Yin, X. Ren, J. Li, Yi Wu, M. Weidman, Z. Chang, M. F. Jager, C. J. Kaplan, R. Geneaux, C. Ott, D. M. Neumark and S. R. Leone
"Enhanced high-order harmonic generation driven by a wavefront corrected high-energy laser"
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 51(13), 134005
H. Parchamy, J. Szilagyi, M. Masnavi, and M. Richardson
"Quantitative analysis of vacuum-ultraviolet radiation from nanosecond laser-zinc interaction"
Optics and Laser Technology, 103, pp. 1-7
R. Ramirez, M. Plascak, K. Bagnell, A. Bhardwaj, J. Ferrara, G. Hoefler, F. Kish, M. Wu and P. Delfyett
"Repetition Rate Stabilization and Optical Axial Mode Linewidth Reduction of a Chip-Scale MLL Using Regenerative Multitone Injection Locking"
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 36(14), p. 2948-2954
D. G. Deppe, M. Li, X. Yang, and M. Bayat
"Advanced VCSEL Technology: Self-Heating and Intrinsic Modulation Response Dennis"
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 54(3). 2400209
K. Ogutman, K. Davis, H. Ali, S. Martell, W. Schoenfeld
"Automated detection of rear contact voids in perc cells with photoluminescence imaging"
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 179, pp. 31-35
X. Yu, A. Todi, and H. Tang
"Bessel beam generation using a segmented deformable mirror"
Applied Optics, 57(16), pp. 4677-4682
L. Lu, Zijian Yang, K. Meacham, C. Cvetkovic, E. A. Corbin, A. Vázquez-Guardado, M. Xue, Lan Yin, J. Boroumand, G. Pakeltis, T. Sang, K J Yu, D. Chanda, R. Bashir, R. W. Gereau, X. Sheng, J. A. Rogers.
"Biodegradable monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic microcells as power supplies for transient biomedical implants"
Advanced Energy Materials, 8(16) 1703035
A. Honardoost, G. F. Camacho Gonzalez, S. Khan, M. Malinowski, A. Rao, J.-E. Tremblay, A. Yadav, K. Richardson, M. C. Wu, and S. Fathpour
"Cascaded Integration of Optical Waveguides with Third-Order Nonlinearity With Lithium Niobate Waveguides on Silicon Substrates"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(3). 4500909
Z. Zhu, R. Ellis and S. Pang
"Coded cone-beam X-ray diffraction tomography with a low-brilliance table-top source"
Optica, 5(6), pp. 733-738
A. K. Jahromi, A. Van Newkirk, and A. F. Abouraddy
"Coherent Perfect Absorption in a Weakly Absorbing Fiber"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(3), 6500810
A. Lepicard, F. Adamietz, V. Rodriguez, K. Richardson, M. Dussauze
"Demonstration of dimensional control and stabilization of second harmonic electro-optical response in chalcogenide glasses"
Optical Materials Express, 8(6), pp. 1613-1624
J.C. Martinez, J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda, G. Evia, T. Cordova, R. Guzman-Cabrera
"Enhanced Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Applications by Combining Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Techniques"
International Journal of Thermophysics, 39(6). 79
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