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Book Chapters
S. Paul-David, R. Gaume
"Electroluminescent thin-film phosphors"
Book chapter in Thin Film structures in Energy Applications, Springer, Ed. Suresh Babu and Krishna Moorthy
Journal Papers (refereed)
D.W. Steere, B.M. Clark, R.M. Gaume, and S.K. Sundaram
"Structure-terahertz property relationship in yttrium aluminum garnet ceramics"
Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing, 123(8), 515
W.T. Shoulders and R.M. Gaume
"Phase-change sintering of BaCl2 ceramics"
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 705, pp. 517-523
S.J. Pandey, M. Martinez, J. Hostaša, L. Esposito, M. Baudelet and R.M. Gaume
"Quantification of SiO2 sintering additive in YAG transparent ceramics by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
Optical Materials Express, 7(5), pp. 1666-1671
S.J. Pandey, M. Martinez, F. Pelascini, V. Motto-Ros, M. Baudelet, and R.M. Gaume
"Quantification of non-stoichiometry in YAG ceramics using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
Optical Materials Express, 7(2), pp. 627-632
S.J. Pandey, G. Joshi, S.D. Wang, S. Curtarolo, and R.M. Gaume
"Modeling the thermoelectric properties of Ti5O9 Magn,li phase ceramics"
Journal of Electronic Materials 45(11), pp.5526-5532
W.T. Shoulders, R. Locke, and R.M. Gaume
"Elastic airtight container for the compaction of air-sensitive materials"
Review Of Scientific Instruments, 87(6), 063908
S. Chen, R. Gaume
"Transparent bulk-size nanocomposites with high inorganic loading"
Applied Physics Letters 107, pp.241906
W.T. Shoulders, G. Bizarri, E. Bourret, R. Gaume
"Influence of process parameters on the morphology of spray-dried BaCl2 powders"
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, pp.20-26
C.C.C. Willis, J.D. Bradford, J. Haussermann, E. McKee, E. Maddox, L. Shah, R. Gaume, M.C. Richardson
"Rapid thermo-optical quality assessment of laser gain media"
Optical Materials Express 5(6), pp.1389-1398
X. Chen, S. Chen, P.-M. Clequin, W.T. Shoulders, R. Gaume
"Combustion synthesis of lead oxide nanopowders for the preparation of PMN–PT transparent ceramics"
Ceramics International 41, 755–760
Xuan Chen, Shi Chen, Pierre-Marie Clequin, William T Shoulders, Romain Gaume
"Combustion synthesis of lead oxide nanopowders for the preparation of PMN–PT transparent ceramics"
Ceramics International 41 (1), 755-760
R Gaume, D Steere, and SK Sundaram
"Effect of nonstoichiometry on the terahertz absorption of Y3Al5O12 optical ceramics"
Journal Of Materials Research 29(19), pp. 2338-2343
Romain Gaume, Stephanie Lam, Martin Gascon, Wahyu Setyawan, Stefano Curtarolo, and Robert Feigelson
"An apparatus for studying scintillator properties at high isostatic pressures"
Review of Scientific Instruments 84(1)
M. Richardson and R. Gaume
"Transparent ceramics for lasers - A game-changer"
American Ceramic Society Bulletin, 91, 4 (2012)
R. Gaume, Y. He, A. Markosyan, and R. L. Byer
"Effect of Si-induced defects on 1 µm absorption losses in laser-grade YAG ceramics"
Journal of Applied Physics, 111, pp. 093104 (2012)
S. Lam, M. Gascon, R. Hawrami, W. Setyawan, S. Curtarolo, R.S. Feigelson, and R.M. Gaume
"Nonproportionality and Scintillation Studies of Eu:SrI2 From 295 to 5K "
IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 59(5) 2052 (2012)
R. M. Gaume and L-M. Joubert
"Airtight container for the transfer of atmosphere-sensitive materials into vacuum-operated characterization instruments"
Review of Scientific Instruments, 82, 123705 (2011)
Conference Proceedings
P. Samuel, T.R. Ensley, H. Hu, D.J. Hagan, E.W. Van Stryland, R. Gaume
"Nonlinear refractive index measurement on pure and Nd doped YAG ceramic by dual arm Z-scan technique"
AIP Conference, Solid State Physics, 1665, 060010-1-3
Other Unrefereed Publications
R. Gaume, Y. Wu, T. Hartnett
"Focus issue introduction: Optical Ceramics Science"
Journal of Materials Research 29(19), 2251
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