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Journal Papers (refereed)
G. Tan, J. H. Lee, S.C. Lin, R. Zhu, S.H. Choi, and S.T. Wu
"Analysis and optimization on the angular color shift of RGB OLED displays"
Optics Express 25(26), 33629-33642
H.W. Chen, R.D. Zhu, J. He, W. Duan, W. Hu, Y.Q. Lu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, Y. Dong, and S.T. Wu
"Going beyond the limit of an LCD's color gamut"
Nature, Light: Science & Applications, 6, e17043
R. Zhu, H. Chen, and S.T. Wu,
"Achieving 12-bit perceptual quantizer curve with liquid crystal display"
Optical Express, 25(10), 10939-10946
H. Chen, R. Zhu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Pixel-by-pixel local dimming for high-dynamic-range liquid crystal displays"
Optics Express, 25(3), pp. 1973-1984
H.W. Chen, R.D. Zhu, G.J. Tan, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Enlarging the color gamut of liquid crystal displays with a functional reflective polarizer"
Optics Express, 25(1), 102-111
Y. Wang, J. He, H. Chen, J. Chen, R. Zhu, P. Ma, A. Towers, Y. Lin, A.J. Gesquiere, S.T. Wu, and Y. Dong
"Ultrastable, highly luminescent organic - inorganic perovskite-polymer composite films"
Advanced Materials 28(48), 10710–10717
G.J. Tan, R.D. Zhu, Y.S. Tsai, K.C. Lee, Z.Y. Luo, Y.Z. Lee, S.T. Wu
"High ambient contrast ratio OLED and QLED without a circular polarizer"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49(31), 315101
H. Liang, Z. Luo, R. Zhu, Y. Dong, J.H. Lee, J. Zhou and S.T. Wu
"High efficiency quantum dot and organic LEDs with a back-cavity and a high index substrate"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49, 145103
R.D. Zhu, H.W. Chen, T. Kosa, P. Coutino, G.J. Tan, and S.T. Wu
"High-ambient-contrast augmented reality with a tunable transmittance liquid crystal film and a functional reflective polarizer"
Journal of the Society for Information Display, 24(4), 229-233
H. Chen, R. Zhu, Y.H. Lee and S.T. Wu
"Correlated color temperature tunable white LED with a dynamic color filter"
Optics Express 24(6), A731-A739
R. Zhu, G. Tan, J. Yuan, and S.T. Wu
"Functional reflective polarizer for augmented reality and color vision deficiency"
Optics Express 24, 5431-5441
Z. Luo, G. Zhang, R. Zhu, Y. Gao, and S.T. Wu
"Polarizing grating color filters with large acceptance angle and high transmittance"
Applied Optics 55(1), 70-76
H. Chen, R. Zhu, J. Zhu, S.T. Wu
"A simple method to measure the twist elastic constant of a nematic liquid crystal"
Liquid Crystals 42, 1738-1742
R.D. Zhu, Q. Hong, H.X. Zhang, S.T. Wu
"Freeform reflectors for architectural lighting"
Optics Express 23(25), 31828-31837
R.D. Zhu, Z.Y. Luo, H.W. Chen, Y.J. Dong, S.T. Wu
"Realizing Rec. 2020 color gamut with quantum dot displays"
Optics Express 23(18), 23680-23693
R.D. Zhu, Q. Hong, Y.T. Gao, Z.Y. Luo, S.T. Wu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, W.C. Tsai
"Tailoring the light distribution of liquid crystal display with freeform engineered diffuser"
Optics Express 23(11), pp.14070-14084
H. Liang, R. Zhu, Y. Dong, S.T. Wu, J. Li, J. Wang, J. Zhou
"Enhancing the outcoupling efficiency of quantum dot LEDs with internal nano-scattering pattern"
Optics Express 23(10), pp.12910-12922
H. Chen, Z. Luo, R. Zhu, Q. Hong, S.T. Wu
"Tuning the correlated color temperature of white LED with a guest-host liquid crystal"
Optics Express 23(10), pp.13060-13068
Y. Gao, Z. Luo, R. Zhu, Q. Hong, S.T. Wu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, W.C. Tsai
"A high performance LCD with wide luminance distribution"
Journal of Display Technology 11(4), pp.315-324
R. Zhu, Z. Luo, and S.T. Wu,
"Light extraction analysis and improvement in a quantum dot light emitting diode"
Optics Express 22(S7), pp. A1783-A1798
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