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Journal Papers (refereed)
N.K. Efremidis, N.S. Nye, and D.N. Christodoulides
"Exact bidirectional X-wave solutions in fiber Bragg gratings"
Physical Review A, 96(4), 043820
G.G. Pyrialakos, N.S. Nye, N.V. Kantartzis, and D.N. Christodoulides
"Emergence of type-II Dirac points in graphynelike photonic lattices"
Physical Review Letters, 119(11), pp. 113901
S. Shabahang, N.S. Nye, C. Markos, D.N. Christodoulides, and A.F. Abouraddy
"Reconfigurable opto-thermal graded-index waveguiding in bulk chalcogenide glasses"
Optics Letters, 42(10), pp. 1919-1922
N.S. Nye, A. El Halawany, A. Bakry, M.A.N. Razvi, A. Alshahrie, M. Khajavikhan, and D.N. Christodoulides
"Passive PT-symmetric metasurfaces with directional field scattering characteristics"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 22(5), 5000608
N. S. Nye, A. I. Dimitriadis, N. V. Kantartzis, and T. D. Tsiboukis
"Enhanced Design of Narrowband Filters based on the Extraordinary Transmission through Single Fishnet Structures "
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, 143, pp.349-368
Conference Proceedings
N.S. Nye, A. Swisher, C. Bungay, S. Tuenge, T. Mayer, D.N. Christodoulides, and C. Rivero-Baleine
"Design of broadband anti-reflective metasurfaces based on an effective medium approach"
Advanced Optics for Defense Applications: UV Through LWIR II, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 10181
M.A. Miri, N. Nye, M. Khajavikhan, D.N. Christodoulides
"PT-symmetric scatterers (Presentation Recording)"
SPIE 9546, Active Photonic Materials VII, San Diego, California
M.A. Miri, N. Nye, M. Khajavikhan, D. N. Christodoulides
"PT-symmetric scatterers"
SPIE Optics and Photonics, invited
N. Nye, M. Miri, and D. Christodoulides
"Single-Sided Diffraction by PT-Symmetric Metasurfaces"
M. A. Miri, N. Nye, D. Christodoulides, H. Hodaei
"PT-symmetric diffraction gratings"
The Ninth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory, Georgia-Athens, Session 31
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