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R. Driggers, M. Friedman, and J. Nichols
"Introduction to Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems: Second Edition"
Artech House
Richard H. Vollmerhausen, Donald A. Reago Jr., and Ronald G. Driggers
"Analysis and Evaluation of Sampled Imaging Systems"
SPIE Tutorial
S. Susan Young, Ronald G. Driggers, Eddie L. Jacobs
"Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems"
Artech House
R. Driggers Editor
"Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering"
Marcel Dekker
J. Leachtenauer and R. Driggers
"Surveillance and Reconnaissance Imaging Systems"
Artech House
R. Vollmerhausen and R. Driggers
"Sampled Imaging Systems"
SPIE Tutorial Series, April 2000
R. Driggers, P. Cox, and T. Edwards
"Introduction to Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems"
Artech House
Journal Papers (refereed)
R. G. Driggers, C. Halford, M. J. Theisen, D. M. Gaudiosi, S. C. Olson, G. D. Tener
"Staring array infrared search and track performance with dither and stare step"
Optical Engineering 57 (5)
G. Holst, and R.G. Driggers
"Small detectors in infrared system design"
Optical Engineering 51(9)
R.G. Driggers, R. Vollmerhausen, J. Reynolds, J. Fanning, and G. Holst
"Infrared detector size: how low should you go?"
Optical Engineering 51(6), 063202
E.J. Boettcher, K. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, J.F. Garcia, C. Schuetz, J. Samluk, L. Stein, W. Kiser, A. Visnansky, J. Grata, D. Wikner, and R. Harris
"Modeling passive millimeter wave imaging sensor performance for discriminating small watercraft"
Applied Optics, 49(19) pp.E58-E66
R.H. Vollmerhausen, R.G. Driggers, and D.L. Wilson
"Predicting range performance of sampled imagers by treating aliased signal as target-dependent noise"
JOSA A, 25(8) pp. 2055-2065
R.H. Vollmerhausen, S. Moyer, K. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, J.G. Hixson, and A.L. Robinson
"Predicting the probability of facial identification using a specific object model"
Applied Optics, 47(6) pp. 751-759
S. Young, R.G. Driggers, B. Teaney, and E. Jacobs
"Adaptive deblurring of noisy images"
Applied Optics, 46(5)
C. Halford, A. Robinson, R.G. Driggers, and E. Jacobs
"Tilted surfaces in short-wave infrared imagery: speckle simulation and a simple contrast model"
Optical Engineering 46(05)
R.G. Driggers; J. Taylor Jr., and K. Krapels
"Probability of identification cycle criterion (N50/N90) for underwater mine target acquisition"
Optical Engineering 46(03)
K. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, E. Jacobs, S. Burks, and S. Young
"Characteristics of infrared imaging systems that benefit from superresolution reconstruction"
Applied Optics, 46(21) pp. 4594-4603
K. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, D. Deaver, S.K. Moker, and J. Palmer
"Midwave infrared and visible sensor performance modeling: small craft identification discrimination criteria for maritime security"
Applied Optics, 46(30) pp.7345-7353
K. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, J.F. Garcia III
"Performance of infrared systems in swimmer detection for maritime security"
Optics Express, 15(19) pp.12296-12305
K.A. Krapels, R.G. Driggers, B.P. Teaney, C.E. Halford
"Handheld threat object identification performance of 2-D visible imagery versus 3-D visible imagery"
Optical Engineering 45(06), pp. 1-9, Donald C. O'Shea; Edition
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