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Journal Papers (refereed)
Zoubir, A.; Eichenholz, J.; Fujiwara, E.; Grojo, D.; Baleine, E.; Rapaport, A.; Bass, M.; Chai, B.; Richardson, M.
"Non-critical phase-matched second harmonic generation in GdxY1-xCOB"
Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics. 77(4) 437-440
J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, L. Shah, Q. Ye, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai
"Diode-pumped self-frequency doubling in Nd3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 laser"
Applied Physics Letters 74, 1954-1956
Q. Ye, L. Shah, J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, A.K. Chin, B.H.T. Chai
"Investigation of diode-pumped self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd:YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications 164, 33-37
Ye, Q.; Shah, L.; Eichenholz, J.; Hammons, D.; Peale, R.; Richardson, M.; Chin, A.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Investigation of diode-pumped, self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd : YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications. 164(1-3) 33-37
L. Shah, Q. Ye, J.M. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, M. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai, R.E. Peale
"Laser tunability in Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 {Yb:YCOB}"
Optics Communications 167, 149-153
Diening, A.; Mobert, P. E. A.; Heumann, E.; Huber, G.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Diode-pumped cw lasing of Yb, Ho : KYF4 in the 3 mu m spectral range in comparison to Er : KYF4"
Laser Physics. 8(1) 214-217
Nicholls, J. F. H.; Murray, T. A.; Russell, D. L.; Armstrong, D.; Chai, B. H. T.; Holliday, K.; Henderson, B.
"Er3+-and Nd3+-doped KLiYF5 as potential gain media for GaAlAs diode laser pumped systems"
Pure and Applied Optics. 7(1) 83-97
D.A. Hammons, J. Eichenholz, Q. Ye, B.H.T. Chai, L. Shah, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, H. Qui
"Laser action in Yb3+:YCOB (Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3"
Optics Communications 156, 327-330
Mobert, P. E. A.; Diening, A.; Heumann, E.; Huber, G.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Room-temperature continuous-wave upconversion-pumped laser emission in Ho, Yb : KYF4 at 756, 1070, and 1390 nm"
Laser Physics. 8(1) 210-213
Nicholls, J. F. H.; Henderson, B.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Accurate determination of the indices of refraction of nonlinear optical crystals"
Applied Optics. 36(33) 8587-8594
Mobert, P. E. A.; Heumann, E.; Huber, G.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Green Er3+:YLiF4 upconversion laser at 551 nm with Yb3+ codoping: a novel pumping scheme"
Optics Letters. 22(18) 1412-1414
Nicholls, J. F. H.; Zhang, X. X.; Bass, M.; Chai, B. H. T.; Henderson, B.
"Laser performance and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+-doped LiKYF5 and LiKGdF5 crystals"
Optics Communications. 137(4-6) 281-284
Zhang, X. X.; Bass, M.; Chai, B. H. T.; Johnson, P. J.; Oles, J. C.
"Lamp-pumped laser performance of Nd3+:Sr-5(PO4)(3)F operating both separately and simultaneously at 1.059 and 1.328 mu m"
Journal of Applied Physics. 80(3) 1280-1286
Wilson, R. G.; Chai, B. L. H.; Pearton, S. J.; Abernathy, C. R.; Ren, F.; Zavada, J. M.
"Thermal stability of hydrogen in LiAlO2 and LiGaO2"
Applied Physics Letters. 69(25) 3848-3850
Zhang, X. X.; Hong, P.; Bass, M.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Blue up-Conversion with Excitation into Tm Ions at 780 Nm in Yb-Codoped and Tm-Codoped Fluoride-Crystals"
Physical Review B. 51(14) 9298-9301
Shimony, Y.; Kalisky, Y.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Quantitative Studies of Cr4+Yag as a Saturable Absorber for Nd-Yag Laser"
Optical Materials. 4(4) 547-551
Knupfer, A.; Heumann, E.; Ostroumov, V.; Huber, G.; Lupei, V.; Chai, B.
"2-Step Pumped Ylftm Blue up-Conversion Laser"
Journal De Physique Iv. 4(C4) 403-406
Dong, X.; Liu, M. G.; Hou, W. B.; Yuan, D. R.; Jiang, M. H.; Quan, R.; Chai, B. H. C.
"A New Aromatic Organometallic Nonlinear-Optical Crystal - [Bis-4-Nitropyridine-N-Oxide Cadmium Chloride]"
Materials Research Bulletin. 29(1) 73-79
Wang, H. S.; LiKamWa, P.; Lefaucheur, J. L.; Chai, B. H. T.; Miller, A.
"Cw and Self-Mode-Locking Performance of a Red Pumped Cr3+Lisr0.8ca0.2alf6 Laser"
Optics Communications. 110(5-6) 679-688
Danger, T.; Koetke, J.; Brede, R.; Heumann, E.; Huber, G.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Spectroscopy and Green up-Conversion Laser-Emission of Er(3+)-Doped Crystals at Room-Temperature"
Journal of Applied Physics. 76(3) 1413-1422
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