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N. Choi and J. E. Harvey
"Numerical validation of the Generalized Harvey-Shack surface scatter theory"
Optical Engineering 52(11), pp. 115103
James E. Harvey
"Diffraction for Engineers (In Progress; ~400 pages written)"
To be Published by SPIE Press
Book Chapters
J. Harvey
"Reflective Optics in Chapter on X-ray and Neutron Optics"
In Third Edition of Handbook of Optics, M. Bass, ed., McGraw-Hill
Journal Papers (refereed)
J. E. Harvey
"Parametric analysis of the effect of scattered light upon the modulation transfer function"
Optical Engineering 52(7), pp. 073110
N. Choi and J. E. Harvey
"Image Degradation due to Surface Scatter in the Presence of Aberrations"
Applied Optics 51 (5), pp. 535-546
J. E. Harvey, S. Schroder, N. Choi, and A. Duparre
"Total integrated scatter from surfaces with arbitrary roughness, correlation widths, and incident angles"
Optical Engineering 51(1) 013402-1-11
A. Krywonos, J. E. Harvey, and N. Choi
"Linear systems formulation of scattering theory for rough surfaces with arbitrary incident and scattering angles"
Journal of the Optical Society of America A - Optics Image Science and Vision 28(6), pp. 1121-1138
S. Schroeder, A. Duparre, L. Coriand, A. Tuennermann, D. H. Penalver, and J. E. Harvey.
"Modeling of light scattering in different regimes of surface roughness"
Optics Express Vol. 19, Issue 10, pp. 9820-9835
J. E. Harvey, N. Choi, A. Krywonos, G. Peterson, and M. Bruner
"Image Degradation due to Scattering Effects in Two mirror Telescopes"
Opt. Eng. 49(6), 063202, pp. 1-7, One of the ten most frequently downloaded SPIE papers and articles (from SPIE Digital Library) in the area of Astronomy for the months of September - October
George Curatu and J. E. Harvey
"Analysis and Design of Wide-field Foveated Optical Systems based on Transmissive Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators"
Opt. Eng. 48(4), No. 043001, 1-11
J. E. Harvey, A. Krywonos and C. L. Vernold
"Modified Beckmann-Kirchhoff scattering model for rough surfaces with large incident and scattering angles"
Opt. Eng. 46 (7), pp. 078002
J. E. Harvey, Martina Atanassova, and A. Krywonos
"Balancing Detector Effects with Aberrations in the Design of Wide-field Grazing Incidence X-ray Telescopes"
Opt. Eng. 45 (6), Art. No. 063003, 1-10
Harvey, J.E.; Krywonos, A.; Bogunovic, D.;
"Non-paraxial Scalar Treatment of Sinusoidal Phase Gratings"
JOSA A 23, 858-865
A. Krywonos, J. E. Harvey, R. E. Daniell, R. Eastes, and G. L. Peterson
"Scannless Ultraviolet Remote Sensor for Limb Profile Measurements from Low Earth Orbit"
Opt. Eng. 45 (10), Art. No. 106201, 1-9
Harvey, J. E.; Bogunovic, D.; Krywonos, A.
"Aberrations of diffracted wave fields: distortion"
Applied Optics. 42(7) 1167-1174
J. E. Harvey and A. Krywonos
"Axial Irradiance Distribution Throughout the Whole Space Behind an Annular Aperture: Reply to Comments"
Appl. Opt. 42, 3792-3794
J. E. Harvey, A. Krywonos, and D. Bogunovic
"A Tolerance on Defocus Precisely Locates the Far Field (Exactly where is that Far Field Anyway?)"
Appl. Opt. 41, 2586-2588
Harvey, J. E. and Krywonos, A.
"Axial Irradiance Distribution Throughout the Whole Space Behind an Annular Aperture"
Applied Optics 41, 3790-3795
J. E. Harvey, A. Krywonos, and P. L. Thompson
"Grazing Incidence Hyperboloid-Hyperboloid Designs for Wide field X-ray Imaging Applications"
Appl. Opt. 40, 136-144
J. E. Harvey
"Perspectives on Diffraction"
oemagazine Vol. 1, No. 10, 22-25
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