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Journal Papers (refereed)
M. Yang, L. Xu, J. Wang, HN. Liu, XY. Zhou, G. Li and L. Zhang
"An Octave-Spanning Optical Parametric Amplifier Based on a Low-Dispersion Silicon-Rich Nitride Waveguide"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(6), 8300607
M. Zhang, HN. Liu, B. Wang, G. Li and L. Zhang
"Efficient Grating Couplers for Space Division Multiplexing Applications"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
Shengli Fan, Seth Smith-Dryden, Jian Zhao, Stefan Gausmann, Axel Sch├╝lzgen,Guifang Li,and Bahaa E.A. Saleh
"Optical Fiber Refractive Index Profiling by Iterative Optical Diffraction Tomography"
Journal of Lightwave Technology,15 October 2018
W. Wang , J. Zhao , H. Yu, Z. Yang , Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C. Guo, and G. Li
"Demonstration of 6 x 10-Gb/s MIMO-Free Polarization- and Mode-Multiplexed Transmission"
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(15), pp. 1372-1375
Y. Guo, J. Wang, Z. Han, K. Wada, L. C. Kimerling, A. M. Agarwal, J. Michel, Z. Zheng, G. Li, L. Zhang
"Power-efficient generation of two-octave mid-IR frequency combs in a germanium microresonator"
Nanophotonics, 7(8), pp. 1461-1467
Z. Yang, J. Zhao, N. Bai, E. Ip, T. Wang, Z. Li, and G. Li
"Experimental demonstration of adaptive VFF-RLS-FDE for long-distance mode-division multiplexed transmission"
Optics Express, 26(14), pp. 18362-18367
J. Wang, Y. Guo, H. Liu, L. Kimberling, J. Michel, A. Agarwal, G. Li, and L. Zhang
"Robust cavity soliton formation with hybrid dispersion"
Photonics Research, 6(6), pp. 647-651
B. Huang, J.C. Alvarado Zacarias, H. Liu, N. K. Fontaine, H. Chen, R. Ryf, F. Poletti, J. R. Hayes, J. Antonio-Loppez, J. Zhao, R. Amezcua Correa, and G. Li
"Triple-clad photonic lanterns for mode scaling"
Optics Express, 26(10), pp. 13390-13396
Z. Zhang, C. Guo, L. Cui, Q. Mo, N. Zhao, C. Du, X. Li, and G. Li
"21 spatial mode erbium-doped fiber amplifier for mode division multiplexing transmission"
Optics Letters, 43, pp. 1550-1553
Liu, H., Liu, X., Effenberger, F., Chand, N., Qi, X., and Li, G.
"Optical Implementation of Butler Matrix for Hardware-Efficient Multiuser Beamforming"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(2), #5500708
Guo, C., Zhang, Z., Zhao, N., Zhang, L., X. Li, and Li, G.F.
"Design of elliptical few-mode fibers for mode-coupling-free parametric amplification"
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, 35(3), pp. 545-551
H. Liu, H. Wen, B. Huang, R. Amezcua Correa, P. Sillard, H. Chen, Z. Li, and G. Li
"Reducing group delay spread using uniform long-period gratings"
Scientific Reports, 8
J. Zhao, I. Kim, O. Vassilieva, T. Ikeuchi, W. Wang, H. Wen, and G.F. Li
"Minimizing the number of spans for terrestrial fiber-optic systems using quasi-single-mode transmission"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(1), 7200110
J. Wang, S.Y. Yu, and G.F. Li
"Preface to the special issue on "Optical Communications Exploiting the Space Domain''"
Optics Communications, 408, pp. 1-2 Special Issue
Liu, Y., Yang, Z., Zhao, J., Zhang, L., Li, Z., and Li, G.
"Intrinsic loss of few-mode fibers"
Optics Express, 26(2), pp. 2107-2116
J. Wang, Z.H. Han, Y.H. Guo, L.C. Kimerling, J. Michel, A.M. Agarwal, M. Anuradha, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"Robust generation of frequency combs in a microresonator with strong and narrowband loss"
Photonics Research, 5(6), pp. 552-556
W. Wang, J. Zhao, L. Zhang, Q. Mo, Z.Q. Yang, C. Li, Z. Wang, Z.Z. Zhang, C. Carboni, and G.F. Li
"4 x 10-Gb/s MIMO-free polarization and mode group multiplexing for data center applications"
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 29(20), pp. 1711-1714
J. Wang, Y.H. Guo, H.N. Liu, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"A comparative analysis on fully integrated spectral broadening of kerr frequency combs"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 9(5), 4502509
B. Huang, H.S. Chen, N.K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, I. Giles, and G.F. Li
"Large-bandwidth, low-loss, efficient mode mixing using long-period mechanical gratings"
Optics Letters, 42(18), pp. 3594-3597
L.Q. He, Y.H. Guo, Z.H. Han, K. Wada, L.C. Kimberling, J. Michel, A.M. Agarwal, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"Loss reduction of silicon-on-insulator waveguides for deep mid-infrared applications"
Optics Letters, 42(17), pp. 3454-3457
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