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Carlo G. Someda and George I. Stegeman
"Anisotropic and Nonlinear Optical Waveguides"
George I. Stegeman and Frederic A. Hopf
"Applied Classical Electrodynamics, Vol. 2: Nonlinear Optics"
Frederic A. Hopf and George I. Stegeman
"Applied Classical Electrodynamics, Vol. 1: Linear Optics"
Book Chapters
Stegeman, George I.
"Spatial Beam Instabilities Due to Instantaneous Nonlinear Mechanisms"
Proceedings of NATO ASI/SUSSP56 titled Ultrafast Photonics, Ed. Alan Miller, D. T. Reid and D. M. Finlayson, (Institute of Physics Publishing, London, 2004) pp 103-21
Journal Papers (refereed)
G. Stegeman, M. G. Kuzyk, D. G. Papazoglou, and S. Tzortzakis
"Off-resonance and non-resonant dispersion of Kerr nonlinearity for symmetric molecules [Invited]"
Optics Express 19(23), pp. 22486-22495
G. Stegeman, D. G. Papazoglou, R. Boyd, and S. Tzortzakis
"Nonlinear birefringence due to non-resonant, higher-order Kerr effect in isotropic media"
Optics Express 19(7), pp. 6395-6407
D.N. Christodoulides, I. Choon Khoo, G.J. Salamo, G.I. Stegeman, and E.W. Van Stryland
"Nonlinear Refraction and Absorption: Mechanisms and Magnitudes"
Advances in Optics and Photonics 2(1), pp. 60-200
D. N. Christodoulides and G. I. Stegeman
"Discreteness In Optics"
CTUHH3, CLEO/IQEC 2009 Baltimore, MA
G. I. Stegeman and H. Hu
"Refractive Nonlinearity of Linear Symmetric Molecules and Polymers Revisited"
Photonics Lett. of Poland, 1, 148-150
C. Rivero, R. Stegeman, K. Richardson, G. Stegeman, G. Turri, M. Bass, P. Thomas, M. Udovic, T. Cardinal, E. Fargin, M. Couzi, H. Jain, A. Miller
"Influence of modifier oxides on the structural and optical properties of binary TeO2 glasses"
Journal of Applied Physics 101, 023526
Yoshino, Fumy; Polyakov, Sergey; Stegeman, George
"All-optical Multi-photon Absorption Figures of Merit: Polydiacetylene Poly (bis para-toluene sulfonate) of 2,4-hexadyine -1,6 diol"
bis para-toluene sulfonate) of 2,4-hexadyine -1,6 diol”, Appl
Ultanir, E. A.; Stegeman, G. I.; Lange, C. H.; Lederer, F.
"Coherent interactions of dissipative spatial solitons"
Optics Letters. 29(3) 283-285
Jankovic, L.; Kim, H.; Polyakov, S.; Stegeman, G. I.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.
"Interactions of quadratic spatial solitons in noncritically phase-matched KNbO3"
Laser Physics. 14(2) 264-272
Carrasco, S.; Petrov, D. V.; Torres, J. P.; Torner, L.; Kim, H.; Stegeman, G.; Zondy, J. J.
"Observation of self-trapping of light in walk-off-compensating tandems"
Optics Letters. 29(4) 382-384
Schiek, R.; Iwanow, R.; Pertsch, T.; Stegeman, G. I.; Schreiber, G.; Sohler, W.
"One-dimensional spatial soliton families in optimally engineered quasi-phase-matched lithium niobate waveguides"
Optics Letters. 29(6) 596-598
Stegeman, G. I.; Schiek, R.; Fang, H.; Malendevich, R.; Jankovic, L.; Torner, L.; Sohler, W.; Schreiber, G.
"Beam evolution in quadratically nonlinear one-dimensional media: LiNbO3 slab waveguides"
Laser Physics. 13(2) 137-147
Jankovic, L.; Kim, H.; Polyakov, S.; Stegeman, G. I.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.
"Birth of solitons in quadratic spatial soliton collisions"
Optics Letters. 28(12) 1037-1039
Jankovic, L.; Polyakov, S.; Stegeman, G.; Carrasco, S.; Torner, L.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.
"Complex soliton-like pattern generation in Potassium Niobate due to noisy, high intensity, input beams"
Optics Express. 11(18) 2206-2210
Meier, J.; Hudock, J.; Christodoulides, D.; Stegeman, G.; Silberberg, Y.; Morandotti, R.; Aitchison, J. S.
"Discrete vector solitons in Kerr nonlinear waveguide arrays"
Physical Review Letters. 91(14)
Stegeman, G. I.; Jankovic, L.; Kim, H.; Polyakov, S.; Carrasco, S.; Torner, L.; Bosshard, C.; Gunter, P.; Katz, M.; Eger, D.
"Generation of, and interactions between, quadratic spatial solitons in non-critically-phase-matched crystals"
Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials. 12(4) 447-466
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