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Journal Papers (refereed)
B. Koroglu, S. Neupane, O. Pryor, R. Peale, and S.S. Vasu
"High temperature infrared absorption cross sections of methane near 3.4 ┬Ám in Ar and CO2 mixtures"
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 206, pp. 36-45
J. Nath, S. Modak, I. Rezadad, D. Panjwani, F. Rezaie, J.W. Cleary, R.E. Peale
"Far-infrared absorber based on standing-wave resonances in metal-dielectric-metal cavity"
Optics Express 23(16), pp.20366-20380
G. Tao, S. Shabahang, H. Ren, F. Khalilzadeh-Rezaie, R. E. Peale, Z. Yang, X. Wang, and A. F. Abouraddy
"Robust multimaterial tellurium-based chalcogenide glass fibers for mid-wave and long-wave infrared transmission"
Optics Letters 39(13), pp. 4009-4012
Justin W. Cleary, Gautam Medhi, Monas Shahzad, Imen Rezadad, Doug Maukonen, Robert E. Peale, Glenn D. Boreman, Sandy Wentzell, and Walter R. Buchwald
"Infrared surface polaritons on antimony"
Optics Express 20(3), pp. 2693-2705
J.W. Cleary, R.E. Peale, D.J. Shelton, G.D. Boreman, C.W. Smith, M. Ishigami, R. Soref, A. Drehman, and W.R. Buchwald
"IR Permittivities for Silicides and Doped Silicon"
JOSA B 27, pp. 730-734
D. Shelton , J. Cleary, J. Ginn, S. Wadsworth , R. Peale, D. Kotter, and G. Boreman
"Gangbuster frequency selective surface metamaterials in terahertz band"
Electronics Letters, vol. 44, no. 22, pp. 1288-1289
T. Du Bosq, R. Peale, and G. Boreman
"Terahertz/Millimeter Wave Characterizations of Soils for Mine Detection: Transmission and Scattering"
International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves, vol. 29, 769-781
J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, L. Shah, Q. Ye, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai
"Diode-pumped self-frequency doubling in Nd3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 laser"
Applied Physics Letters 74, 1954-1956
Q. Ye, L. Shah, J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, A.K. Chin, B.H.T. Chai
"Investigation of diode-pumped self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd:YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications 164, 33-37
Ye, Q.; Shah, L.; Eichenholz, J.; Hammons, D.; Peale, R.; Richardson, M.; Chin, A.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Investigation of diode-pumped, self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd : YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications. 164(1-3) 33-37
L. Shah, Q. Ye, J.M. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, M. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai, R.E. Peale
"Laser tunability in Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 {Yb:YCOB}"
Optics Communications 167, 149-153
D.A. Hammons, J. Eichenholz, Q. Ye, B.H.T. Chai, L. Shah, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, H. Qui
"Laser action in Yb3+:YCOB (Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3"
Optics Communications 156, 327-330
Theses or Dissertations
Eric Nelson
"Gain improvements in p-Ge lasers by neutron transmutation doping"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
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