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Alexander V. Dotsenko, Leonid B. Glebov and Victor A. Tsechomsky
"Physics and Chemistry of Photochromic Glasses"
CRC Press
Book Chapters
L.B. Glebov
"Photochromic and photo-thermo-refractive (PTR) glasses"
In Encyclopedia of Smart Materials. John Wiley & Sons, NY
Journal Papers (refereed)
S. Mokhov, D. Ott, V. Smirnov, I. Divliansky, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Moiré apodized reflective volume Bragg grating"
Optical Engineering, 57(3), 037106
S. Mokhov, A. Spiro, V. Smirnov, S. Kaim, B.Y. Zeldovich, and L.B. Glebov
"Stretching of picosecond laser pulses with uniform reflecting volume Bragg gratings"
Laser Physics, 27(8), 085002
F. Kompan, G. Venus, L. Glebova, H. Mingareev, L.B. Glebov
"Photo-thermo-refractive glass with sensitivity to visible and near IR radiation"
Optical Materials Express, 6(12), pp. 3881-3891
Fedor Kompan, George Venus, Larissa Glebova, Helene Mingareev, and Leonid Glebov.
"Photo-thermo-refractive glass with sensitivity to visible and near IR radiation. "
Opt. Mat. Express 6, No. 12 (2016) 3881-3891.
C.J. Magon, J.P.D. Gonzalez, J.F. Lima, H. Eckert, E.D. Zanotto, J. Lumeau, L. Glebova, and L.B. Glebov
"Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) studies on the photo-thermo ionization process of photo-thermo-refractive glasses"
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 452, pp.320-324
M. Klimov, L.B. Glebov, and L. Glebova
"Differentiation of crystalline and amorphous phases in photothermorefractive glass by secondary ion mass spectrometry"
Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 34(3), 03H118
Claudio José Magon, José Pedro Donoso Gonzalez, José Fernando Lima, Hellmut Eckert, Edgar D. Zanotto, Julien Lumeau, Larissa Glebova and Leonid Glebov.
"Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) studies on the photo-thermo ionization process of photo-thermo-refractive glasses."
J. Non-Cryst. Solids 452 (2016) 320-324.
Mikhail Klimov, Leonid Glebov, Larissa Glebova.
"Differentiation of crystalline and amorphous phases in photo-thermo-refractive glass by secondary ion mass spectrometry."
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 34, No 3 (2016) 03H118 1-3.
O. Mhibik, S. Forget, D. Ott, G. Venus, I. Divliansky, L.B. Glebov, and S. Chenais
"An ultra-narrow linewidth solution-processed organic laser"
Light-Science & Applications 5, e16026
George Venus, Vadim Smirnov, Oleksiy Mokhun, William W. Bewley, Charles D. Merritt, Chadwick L. Canedy, Chul Soo Kim, Mijin Kim, Igor Vurgaftman, Jerry Meyer, Konstantin Vodopyanov, and Leonid Glebov.
"Spectral narrowing and stabilization of interband cascade laser by volume Bragg grating. "
Applied Optics 55 No. 1 (2016) 77-80.
G. Venus, V. Smirnov, O. Mokhun, W. W. Bewley, C. D. Merritt, C. L. Canedy, C. S. Kim, M. Kim, I. Vurgaftman, J. Meyer, K. Vodopyanov, and L. Glebov
"Spectral narrowing and stabilization of interband cascade laser by volume Bragg grating"
Applied Optics 55, pp.77-80
D. Ott, M. SeGall, I. Divliansky, G. Venus, L.B. Glebov
"High-contrast filtering by multipass diffraction between paired volume Bragg gratings"
Applied Optics 54(31), pp.9065-9070
B.V. Zhdanov, G. Venus, V. Smirnov, L. Glebov, R.J. Knize
"Continuous wave Cs diode pumped alkali laser pumped by single emitter narrowband laser diode"
Review of Scientific Instruments 86(8)
J. Lumeau, L.B. Glebov
"Gradient of refractive index (GRIN) effect in photo-thermo-refractive glass"
Applied Optics 54(7), pp.1587-1593
M. SeGall, I. Divliansky, C. Jollivet, A. Schülzgen, L.B. Glebov
"Holographically encoded volume phase masks"
Optical Engineering, 54(7), pp.076104
M. Niebuhr, C. Zink, A. Jechow, A. Heuer, L.B. Glebov, R. Menzel
"Mode stabilization of a laterally structured broad area diode laser using an external volume Bragg grating. "
Optics Express 23(9), pp.12394-12400
S. Mokhov, L. Glebov, and B. Zeldovich
"Quality deterioration of self-phase modulated Gaussian beams."
Laser Physics Letters 12(1), pp.1-6
C.A. Lu, T.C. Newell, L.B. Glebov, G. Balakrishnan
"Wavelength beam combining of VECSELs using multiplexed volume Bragg gratings in a compound cavity"
Electronics Letters 51(6), pp.508-509
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