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Journal Papers (refereed)
Y. Vesga, C. Diaz, J. Crassous, and F. E. Hernandez
"Two-Photon Absorption and Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of a Hexahelicene Derivative with a Terminal Donor-Phenyl-Acceptor Motif"
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122(13), pp. 3365-3373
E.E. Romero and F.E.Hernandez
"Solvent effect on the intermolecular proton transfer of the Watson and Crick guanine-cytosine and adenine-thymine base pairs: a polarizable continuum model study"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(2), pp. 1198-1209
Y. Vesga and F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism of (L)-tryptophan in the near to far UV region"
Chemical Physics Letters, 684, pp. 67-71
H.E. Williams, C. Diaz, G. Padilla, F.E. Hernandez, and S.M. Kuebler
"Order of multiphoton excitation of sulfonium photo-acid generators used in photoresists based on SU-8"
Journal of Applied Physics, 121(22), 223104
J. Donnelly and F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption spectroscopy on curcumin in solution: a state-of-the-art physical chemistry experiment"
Journal of Chemical Education, 94(1), pp.101–104
J. Donnelly, Y. Vesga, and F.E. Hernandez
"Enhanced two-photon absorption and fluorescence upconversion in Thioflavin T micelle-type aggregates in glycerol/water solution"
Chemical Physics 477, pp.19-23
Y. Vesga and F.E. Hernandez
"Study of the effect of the pulse-width of the excitation source on the two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism spectra of biaryl derivatives"
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120(34), pp.6774-6779
J. Donnelly, C. Diaz, and F.E. Hernandez
"OCTET & BIOTEC: a model of a summer intensive camp designed to cultivate the future generation of young leaders in stem"
Journal of Chemical Education 93(4), pp.619-625
D. Padula, I.R. Lahoz, C. Diaz, F.E. Hernandez, L. Di Bari, A. Rizzo, F. Santoro, M.M. Cid
"A combined experimental-computational investigation to uncover the puzzling (chiro-)optical response of pyridocyclophanes: one- and two-photon spectra"
Chemistry - A European Journal 21(34), pp.12136-12147
C. Diaz, L. Llovera, L. Echevarria, F.E. Hernandez
"Assessment of the tautomeric population of benzimidazole derivatives in solution: a simple and versatile theoretical-experimental approach"
Journal Of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 29(2), pp.143-154
C. Diaz, Y. Vesga, L. Echevarria, I.G. Stara, I. Stary, E. Anger, C. Shen, M.E.S. Moussa, N. Vanthuyne, J. Crassous, A. Rizzo, F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism of hexahelicene derivatives: a study of the effect of the nature of intramolecular charge transfer"
RSC Advances 5(23), pp.17429-17437
Y Vesga, C Diaz, M Higgs, and FE Hernandez
"Two-photon circular dichroism of molecular structures simulating L-tryptophan residues in proteins with secondary structures"
Chemical Physics Letters 601 pp. 6-12
Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, Antonio Rizzo, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of an Axially Dissymmetric Diphosphine Ligand with Strong Intramolecular Charge Transfer"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 118(5), pp. 940-946
Jose A. Tiburcio-Moreno, J. J. Alvarado-Gil, Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Polarization dependent two-photon absorption spectroscopy on a naturally occurring biomarker (curcumin) in solution: A theoretical-experimental study"
Chemical Physics Letters, 583, pp.160-164
Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio Eloy Hernandez
"Educational Light-POD: An Activity for Middle and High School Students To Explore the Principles of Analog Transmission Using Photoacoustic Modulation of Fluorescence"
Journal of Chemical Education 90(7), pp.900-903
Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Overcoming the existent computational challenges in the ab initio calculations of the two-photon circular dichroism spectra of large molecules using a fragment-recombination approach"
Chemical Physics Letters, 568 pp.176-183
Marcelo G. Vivas, Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, Cleber R. Mendonca, Florencio E. Hernandez, and Leonardo De Boni
"Two-Photon Circular-Linear Dichroism of Perylene in Solution: A Theoretical-Experimental Study"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 117(9), pp.2742-2747
Carlos Diaz, Na Lin, Carlos Toro, Remy Passier, Antonio Rizzo, and F. E. Hernandez
"The Effect of the pi-Electron Delocalization Curvature on the Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of Molecules with Axial Chirality"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters 3(13), pp.1808-1813
C. Diaz, A. Frazer, A. Morales, K. D. Belfield, S. Ray, and F. E. Hernandez
"Structural Identification of a Novel Axially Chiral Binaphthyl Fluorene Based Salen Ligand in Solution Using Electronic Circular Dichroism: A Theoretical Experimental Analysis"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 116(10), pp.2453-2465
F. E. Hernandez, and A. Rizzo
"Two-Photon Polarization Dependent Spectroscopy in Chirality: A Novel Experimental-Theoretical Approach to Study Optically Active Systems"
Molecules 16(4), pp. 3315-3337
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