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Mark L. Brongersma and Pieter G. Kik
"Surface Plasmon Nanophotonics"
Journal Papers (refereed)
A. F. Cihan, A. G. Curto, S. Raza, P. G. Kik, and Mark L. Brongersma
"Silicon Mie resonators for highly directional light emission from monolayer MoS2"
Nature, 12(5), pp. 284-290
M. Mutlu, J. H. Kang, S. Raza, D. Schoen, X. Zheng, P. G. Kik, and M. L. Brongersma
"Thermoplasmonic Ignition of Metal Nanoparticles"
Nano Letters, 18(3), pp. 1699-1706
S.J. Kim, J.-H. Kang, M. Mutlu, J. Park, W. Park, K.E. Goodson, R. Sinclair, S. Fan, P.G. Kik, and M.L. Brongersma
"Anti-Hermitian photodetector facilitating efficient subwavelength photon sorting"
Nature Communications 9, 316
A.L. Holsteen, S. Raza, P.Y. Fan, P.G. Kik, and M.L. Brongersma
"Purcell effect for active tuning of light scattering from semiconductor optical antennas"
Science, 358(6369), pp. 1407-1410
S. Novak, P. T. Lin, C. Li, C. Lumdee, J. Hu, A. Agarwal, P.G. Kik, W. Deng, and K.A. Richardson
"Direct electrospray printing of gradient refractive index chalcogenide glass films"
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(32), pp. 26990-26995
D.M. Lin, A.L. Holsteen, E. Maguid, G. Wetzstein, P.G. Kik, E. Hasman, M.L. Brongersma
"Photonic Multitasking Interleaved Si Nanoantenna Phased Array"
Nano Letters, 16(12), pp. 7671-7676
S. Novak, P. T. Lin, C. Li, N. Borodinov, Z. H. Han, C. Monmeyran, N. Patel, Q. Y. Du, M. Malinowski, S. Fathpour, C. Lumdee, C. Xu, P. G. Kik, W. W. Deng, J. J. Hu, A. Agarwal, I. Luzinov, and K. A. Richardson
"Electrospray Deposition of Uniform Thickness Ge23Sb7S70 and As40S60 Chalcogenide Glass Films"
Journal of Virtual Experiments, vol. 114, p. e54379, August 2016.
C. Lumdee and P.G. Kik
"Omnidirectional excitation of sidewall gap-plasmons in a hybrid gold-nanoparticle/aluminum-nanopore structure"
APL Photonics 1, 031301
S.J. Kim, J. Park, M. Esfandyarpour, E.F. Pecora, P.G. Kik, and M.L. Brongersma
"Superabsorbing, artificial metal films constructed from semiconductor nanoantennas"
Nano Letters 16(6), pp.3801-3808
S. Toroghi, C. Lumdee, P.G. Kik
"Heterogeneous plasmonic trimers for enhanced nonlinear optical absorption"
Applied Physics Letters 106(10), pp. 103102
C. Lumdee, B.F. Yun, P.G. Kik
"Effect of surface roughness on substrate-tuned gold nanoparticle gap plasmon resonances"
Nanoscale 7(9), pp.4250-4255
V. Thareja, J.H. Kang, H.T. Yuan, K.M. Milaninia, H.Y. Hwang, Y. Cui, P.G. Kik, M.L. Brongersma
"Electrically tunable coherent optical absorption in graphene with ion gel"
Nano Letters 15(3), pp.1570-1576
Chatdanai Lumdee, Binfeng Yun, and Pieter G. Kik
"Gap-Plasmon Enhanced Gold Nanoparticle Photoluminescence"
ACS Photonics 1(11), pp.1224-1230
S. Toroghi and P. G. Kik
"Photothermal response enhancement in heterogeneous plasmon resonant nanoparticle trimers"
Physical Review B 90(20), pp. 205414
Pieter G. Kik
"Catoptric electrodes: transparent metal electrodes using shaped surfaces"
Optics Letters 39(17), pp. 5114-5117
Chatdanai Lumdee, Binfeng Yun, and Pieter G. Kik
"Wide-Band Spectral Control of Au Nanoparticle Plasmon Resonances on a Thermally and Chemically Robust Sensing Platform"
Journal Physical Chemistry C, 117(37), pp 19127–19133
S. Toroghi and P. G. Kik
"Cascaded field enhancement in plasmon resonant dimer nanoantennas compatible with two-dimensional nanofabrication methods"
Applied Physics Letters 101(1)
C. Lumdee, S. Toroghi, and P. G. Kik
"Post-Fabrication Voltage Controlled Resonance Tuning of Nanoscale Plasmonic Antennas"
ACS Nano 6(7), pp.6301-6307
S. Toroghi and P. G. Kik
"Cascaded plasmon resonant field enhancement in nanoparticle dimers in the point dipole limit"
Applied Physics Letters 100, pp. 183105
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